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That Yellow Luggage: American Tourister Curio

June 1, 2018
That Yellow Luggage: American Tourister Curio Review
That Yellow Luggage: American Tourister Curio

One of the most exciting things about traveling is packing and preparing the luggage (it comes next after planning the itinerary!). I have a love-hate relationship with packing. But it always signals the start of a great journey and exploration. I remember my first official travel crossing a timezone, I traveled with American Tourister. 

Part of every travel is a misadventure- but thankfully, I didn’t get to experience damaged or stolen luggage. That would be the biggest travel nightmare. I always invest in a good luggage (which lasts for years).  I got reliable sets back in 2011, and I only recently bought new luggage. 
One of the craziest things that happened to me during travel was when my luggage got left in Singapore when we traveled to Greece. I spent 4 days in Athens without my luggage – which means I have to buy clothes and essentials – which translates to more items to bring home. Thankfully, I always allocate extra space for gifts and shopping whenever I travel.  #BringBackMore

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I hate to admit that I have developed a trauma whenever I go to the baggage carousel and there is the fear that my luggage might not be in the sea of black luggage. I always go for classic, black luggage. But American Tourister’s Curio got me switching to a more vibrant and youthful design and color which is easy to spot. 
American Tourister understands that millennials (those who are aged 18 to 35 years old) see traveling as breathing – it is true that I would rather spend on experiences than items.

That Yellow Luggage: American Tourister Curio

I love that American Tourister luggage are now designed to meet the needs and preferences of even the most seasoned millennial traveler. In fact, instead of the usual stoic traditional suitcase designs, American Tourister now sports a vibrant, young, fun, effortlessly sophisticated yet internationally appealing look – luggage that not only looks extra but also truly complements every stylish traveler’s lifestyle.

At only 2.6 kg and made from polypropylene material, the Curio is lightweight, strong and perfect for young globetrotters who enjoy long-haul trips yet do not want to be weighed down during their travels. It is hardy enough to withstand the rigors of rough handling at airports or ports, or from being loaded with dozens of keepsakes from each travel adventure. 
I especially love the Curio’s one-of-a-kind textured casing inspired by the sound waves’ ripple effect on water and sand. It looks put-together, yet stylish. Whenever I travel, I want to make sure that my hands are free to hold the phone or take photos, and Curio’s four-wheel design is easy to navigate and travel with.

That Yellow Luggage: American Tourister Curio

The Curio collection is a definite must-have for those with travel goals that even the globetrotting prolific goalscorer Cristiano Ronaldo chose the Curio as his constant travel companion. As seen in American Tourister’s “Bring Back More Campaign” the Curio is both handy and sturdy that it allows every traveler to bring back more at the end of each travel.
In addition, American Tourister’s Philippines Service Center is so efficient. I had to get my luggage wheels repaired because of the cracked case. We inquired in the American Tourister Trinoma branch who told us that we simply need to send it to SM Department Store. We brought the damaged luggage for assessment and we were asked to fill out a form (we didn’t need to go to a specific office or repair shop). They did an assessment of the price and called us to confirm if they should proceed with the repair. The repair only costs Php1,500 to replace the wheels. Now, we are ready to explore new places!
If you are thinking of getting a new luggage for your next trip, check out American Tourister’s Curio Collection.  Curio spinners come in lively colors like golden yellow, spicy peach and denim blue that can surely inject more fun and energy into even the most long-winded of trips. The Curio collection is available in all fine department stores and travel specialty shops nationwide. 
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