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What to Give Someone Who Has Everything?

November 20, 2018
What to Give Someone Who Has Everything?
My girl friend and I were just talking about what to possibly give someone who has everything. It is really hard to buy the perfect gift. But I think it is important to know your friend’s love language. It could be receiving gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service (devotion), and physical touch. 
Although there are different love languages, it is also nice to receive a little something from someone. I always go for something that the person like based on his/her interests, something he/she can use or anything personalized. 

I received a couple of gifts from brands that I thought would be best gifts to your BFFS. 
1. Lingerie 
I was surprised to know that some girls don’t invest on good underwear. It is the perfect time to give your BFFs good and quality underwear. 
Avon sent me these new innovative bras. 
Avon Bra FabriAir Technology
These new Avon bras have cups which are made of memory foam that molds to one’s true shape, giving it the highest level of comfort and best-hugging fit. 
Avon Bra FabriAir Technology
The FabriAir Technology in bras have mesh at areas where you sweat the most allows air to pass through for a lightweight, airy feel while maintaining the shaping and lifting benefits of an underwire bra. 
Avon Bra FabriAir Technology
Gifting Tip: Make sure that you know your friend’s bra size and her preferences in style or brand 🙂 
2. Shades and Sunnies
We love shades and sunnies to cover our puffy eyes and when we are not feeling pretty especially when we need to take a photo for the “gram”! I personally buy less expensive shades because I tend to abuse them during travels – besides, it is fun to wear different shades and shapes everyday (if my baggage allowance would allow it!). 

Check out these fun shades from Fly Shades!

Fly Shades
Fly Shades

Gifting Tip: Know your friend’s preferred shape of shades – or better yet just give her gift certificates and just add a personal note!
3. Sleepover and Pampering Day

Love these natural shades of nail polishes from Girl Stuff! For busy women who don’t have time to schedule a mani-pedi session, they would love these new colors from Girl Stuff. 
Girl Stuff Natural Shade
Girl Stuff Natural Shade
Gifting Tip: Invite your friend for a sleepover and do each other’s nails! It would be fun!
4. Make Up 
Every girl I know would go madly excited about make up. If your BFF is totally clueless about make up, it is time to help her start building her makeup essentials. 
Vice Cosmetics Flagship store
You can start with a local brand, Vice Cosmetics. 
I recently visited the Vice Cosmetics Flagship Store in SM Aura (near Krispy Kreme and Metro Department Store entrance at the ground floor) and I got a fun time swatching and knowing more about the brand. 
Vice Cosmetics Blush
The AURA COLLECTION – a collection of soft, buildable powders that effortlessly blend into the skin. The collection consists of 13 powders and is divided into 3 categories:  AURA BLUSH, AURA GLOW and AURA CONTOUR.
Vice Cosmetics Blush Highlighter
I love the witty names of the Vice Cosmetics: 
Blush: Sweet Lang, Winner, Shalah, Applauded, Maynika, Byucon, Talyada and Title
Highligther: Shining, Shimmering, and Splendid
Countour: Confeeerm and Porsyur
Vice Cosmetics Blush Highlighter
Vice Cosmetics Blush Highlighter
I heard a lot of raves about Vice Cosmetics – and after its release of lipsticks and liptints, the brand now introduces Blushes, Contours and Highlighters. 
Vice Cosmetics Blush Highlighter
Vice Cosmetics Blush Highlighter
The star logo is inspired by Vice Ganda’s tattoo!
Each costs Php 145 only!
Truth be told, I rarely wear contours and highligthers, but I might start playing with these new makeup shades from Vice Cosmetics! The blush can also be used as an eyeshadow as it is highly pigmented!

Gifting Tip: If you know your friend has a lot of makeup and can afford more expensive brands, I suggest you buy her a new tube of her favorite lipstick shade. She would sure love you more for that!
Vice Cosmetics Blush Highlighter
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It is really challenging to keep a relationship strong nowadays – with traffic and busier schedule. I always think that making time for people who matter to you will always be on top of the list. Choose people who choose you. Making time means not always having coffee, or milk tea – you can do stuff for people you care about – like join her watch her fave band’s concert, do errands for her or walk her dog. 
Time is a currency that we would never get a lot of. Spend them with people who would want to share their time with you. 
What would you give someone who has everything?
As usual, I hope you find this post helpful. Feel free to share and spread the good vibes!

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