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How to Survive Your Menstrual Period While Traveling

August 9, 2019
How to Survive Your Menstrual Period While Traveling
How to Survive Your Menstrual Period While Traveling

One of the things I consider when planning a trip is to plot it against my monthly period. Girls would understand how stressful and uncomfortable it is to go around and explore when you have to worry about changing your pad – add the emotional changes that you feel inside when it is the time of the month.

Menstrual period can bring clutter in your mind and luggage. I have a regular cycle and my period lasts for 7 days. I have such healthy eggs. 😂  I notice that whenever I travel, my cycle changes – sometimes, it comes late, or early. It must be because of the excitement (and/or anxiety whenever I apply for a visa) and the stresses the body and mind had to endure before, during and after travel. Imagine the change in timezone in which your body needs to adjust to, and all the gustatory, unhealthy food we consume. 
I remember searching for “how to delay my period during vacation” before flying to Siem Reap. Somehow my body listened and I got my period a week before my flight! I was so surprised that my cycle suddenly changed. That was such a blessing because I know I wouldn’t have easy access to toilets in the temples of Cambodia (I haven’t blogged about this travel experience!!!)
One of my most memorable travels was our Holiday in Greece. It was my first time to welcome the New Year in another country. However, my luggage was left in Singapore and I had to wait for 4 days for it to arrive. 😭😭😭 I had my period, and I didn’t have enough pads in my carry-on bag. The first thing that I bought were sanitary napkins which were slimmer and thinner compared to the local brands I use. Ugly cry here.

Ruth dela Cruz

I remember I was so stressed during our arrival – that I wanted to cry but at the same time I tried to keep things light because I also don’t want to ruin my friend’s trip. I tried to toughen up to handle the situation. 😢

(but I realized it is not good to not express your true feelings, bottling up feelings will do you no good – okay, that deserves a different post!)  😀

Ruth dela Cruz
During the time we were in Parthenon, we had to rush back to the museum for me to change. 😮 I was so stressed because there weren’t available toilets in the area, and we had to walk/slowly run – worried I would stain my clothes – and I didn’t have any clothes in the hotel! I was silently praying I would make it to the toilet.

Rodel asked me if there is a way for me to control the flow. And I laughed, and said  “I wish I could”. The feeling is like giving birth to a jelly lump everytime you laugh, you move, you get excited – or even when doing nothing. 

I can laugh at this story now but I remember I was feeling so stressed/emotional at that time.

Look Back: how i survived 4 days in athens without a luggage + dealing with delayed baggage

There was also that time we traveled to El Nido where I couldn’t swim at the Hot Spring because it was the time of the month. @chaocampo was such a sweetie to convince me to wear tampons. It was my first time to use one. We learn to adjust because of needs. 
Ruth dela Cruz
During my travel to Vietnam, I also got my period during the middle of travel – and I am thankful that I always pack my sanitary napkins whenever I travel.
Ruth dela Cruz
Although it is impossible to always plot travels against our monthly period (especially during business travel or press trips), here are my tips for you to make sure that you can manage it well. 
1. Always pack and bring your sanitary napkins. I always bring a pack with me even if I am not expecting my period. It is always good to be ready especially that some countries carry different brands. I haven’t tried using menstural cups. Share with me your experience!
The first anion sanitary pad Jeunesse Anion retail that’s available at Watson’s, Mercury Drug, all leading supermarkets, and groceries nationwide, is also available at and The anion strip feature helps to ward off bacteria and fungi that cause a foul odor while keeping its freshness up to 3 hours. The findings are a result of the clinical trial by the Laboratory of Inorganic Nanomaterials, Institute of Chemistry, UP Diliman that’s why women who are looking for a menstrual pad with better benefits should try Jeunesse Anion. 
2. Bring extra underwear and prioritize feminine hygiene. My formula for packing underwear is number of days x 2.  If it is the time of the month, multiply by 3. That is if you don’t have access to laundry services.  Make sure to pack underwear and pads in your carry-on bag. Or if you want to travel light, you can bring disposable underwear. 

3. When flying during your period, ask to be seated near the toilet – choose an aisle seat. This way you do not need to bother your seatmates everytime you need to go – especially during long haul flights. 
4. I know it can be stressful to explore and travel to areas where you have no access to a decent toilet. Make sure that you wear comfortable clothes that make changing pads a lot easier. I also always wear black/dark colored clothes. 
5 Avoid food that would trigger PMS. These are trans fats and hydrogenated fats, food allergens, high fructose corn syrup and refined sugar, salt, caffeine, and alcohol. 
How to Survive Your Menstrual Period While Traveling
6. If you are in birth control, you can delay your period through hacks. But I would advise your consult your Gynecologist. 

7. Keep yourself hydrated all the time. 

8. Although I go for the natural method of relieving menstrual pain (meaning, enduring the pain and not taking medicine), I always pack anti-inflammatory medicines with me during travels in case of emergency.
9. Download a menstrual tracker app to monitor your cycle. I use Period Tracker. 
10. Just enjoy the trip and remember, being a woman is a beautiful thing. 
As usual, I hope you find this post helpful. 😊 Although I love traveling, I still enjoy staying home in my bed whenever I have my period. Just like today, enjoying rainy Friday. Hope you are safe and enjoying this weather too. 

Do you have any stories or tips you want to share? How do you survive your period during travel?

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