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Send a CompliMentos: Mentos Cute Packaging

February 2, 2020
Send a CompliMentos: Mentos Cute Packaging
Send a CompliMentos: Mentos Cute Packaging
It is always a fun time when brands do a fun twist at their products’ packaging. It is also a sweet and subtle way for us, consumers to send a message and connect with people we love. 
Mentos, the Philippines’ number 1 selling candy in leading supermarkets and convenience
stores today, has kicked off the Mentos CompliMentos campaign which aims to spread positivity
on the insight that sharing compliments is a good way to connect.
Think of Mentos as a universal “friend request” and a great conversation starter.
With Mentos CompliMentos, the confectionery brand is calling for friends to connect with one
another on Facebook and Twitter and even in person and spread positivity by sharing simple,
feel-good compliments.
The new packaging for Mint and Fruit Chewy Dragees features 16 different compliments, such
as “You fill me with excite-mint!” & “You sweeten up my life” and “Your smile is refreshing” among others.
Send a CompliMentos: Mentos Cute Packaging
With the help of Mentos CompliMentos, you get the chance to make a new connection by
paying someone a sincere compliment.  
The Mentos CompliMentos campaign is fresh and exciting. It’s also perfect for Filipinos who are
quite shy when it comes to accepting compliments.
Send a CompliMentos: Mentos Cute Packaging
“Mentos is all about making Fresh Connections and with Mentos CompliMentos, our latest
limited-edition roll, we wanted to be the enabler or catalyst for these moments through the
tangible manifestation of our brand positioning. Compliments don’t need to be made up of big
words. They can be something as simple as  “you have a nice smile”; or “you are kind”; Mentos
came up with this campaign to help people make connections, meet new friends and learn how
to accept compliments graciously,” said Denise Opulencia, Mentos Brand Manager.

“Mentos continues to create fresh connections even on digital through its continued partnershipwith Shopee. Mentos & Shopee have even more sweet deals in store for consumers!” said Eugen Soriano, Digital and E-Commerce Lead, Perfetti Van Melle Philippines.

For the Philippine launch of Mentos CompliMentos, Mentos teamed up with Shopee, where the candies are still available as well as in leading supermarkets and convenience stores.
So what do you say the next time anyone says you look good today? Instead of a shy  “hindi
naman!” try accepting the compliment with gratitude and also finding something good about the
other person too!
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