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Tagaytay Highlands — a safe haven amid Coronavirus Crisis

April 7, 2020
Tagaytay Highlands — a safe haven amid Coronavirus Crisis
With the extension of the Enhanced Community Quarantine until May 15, I can only dream of the nice views of Tagaytay – the nearest destination in Manila for quick getaways.
Tagaytay Highlands remains a safe haven with its relaxed and tranquil setting as quarantine protocols are put in place to ensure health and safety in this exclusive mountain resort.
Set amid wide open spaces, calming views, and top-notch facilities which have been touted as its main attractions, the residential complex lends renewed comfort to its residents during these challenging times.It has quickly adapted to the current situation, implementing stringent health and safety measures for their benefit.

Following the Department of Health’s guidelines, Tagaytay Highlands created its own COVID-19 task force for the duration of the Luzon-wide Enhanced Community Quarantine, which has been extended until May 15. A skeletal force also continues to operate under the guidelines to service its residents.
Led by Tagaytay Highlands’ company physician, the task force closely monitors the situation inside and outside the complex, provides updates, and participates in collective efforts to maintain cleanliness and safety in the property.

Tagaytay Highlands --- your safe haven amid Coronavirus Crisis

In line with this, all Club frontliners are mandated to wear face masks for protection. And alcohol and
hand sanitizers are available in key areas of the property. Meanwhile, Tagaytay Highlands’ medical clinic is accessible 24/7 with doctors and trained nurses, ambulance service, and an isolation facility.
Other protective measures are likewise being observed in the premises. For instance, all individuals
undergo thermal scanning upon entering the property. Temperatures are again checked at all main
entrances in Tagaytay Highlands. In all of these, DOH protocols are being strictly followed.
Residents and personnel under work-from-home arrangements are also urged to follow health and safety precautionary measures in their respective places. Access to emergency hotlines for estate and
residential communities, and other Club concerns, are made available for easy reference.
All public areas of Tagaytay Highlands, including entrances/exits and frequently touched surfaces, are routinely disinfected and equipped with foot baths.

Tagaytay Highlands --- your safe haven amid Coronavirus Crisis

For food services, Tagaytay Highlands’ popular dining places— The Great Room at The Spa & Lodge, Highlander Steakhouse, and Highlands China Palace—accept take-out and delivery orders. Its resident convenience store 7-Eleven is also open. These establishments’ operating hours are regulated in compliance with ECQ rules.

Tagaytay Highlands --- your safe haven amid Coronavirus Crisis

Safety guidelines, including mandatory temperature checks and social distancing, are also implemented at residential amenities.
Within the estate, homeowners’ mobility is limited to accessing basic services and loitering is highly
Finally, all construction works in the property have been suspended until further notice.

Keep safe everyone.

*This post is in partnership with Tagaytay Highlands. 

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