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Uniqlo Airism Collection

August 13, 2020
Uniqlo Airism Collection
Uniqlo Airism Collection
Staying home makes me want to shop more of home items and comfortable pajamas. 
I always buy my clothng essentials from Uniqlo – be it pajamas, plain shirts, thermal wear and seamless underwear. 
Uniqlo does know how to make everyday life comfortable by introducing full line up AIRism collection, including bedsheets and pillow covers.

This season, UNIQLO showcases the complete range of its AIRism collection, with pieces for men, women, kids and the home. Found in the whole collection is exceptional innovation, which wicks away moisture and releases heat to give maximum comfort and cooling. Combining clothing technology and fabrics, the the collection is made to be worn all day, for whatever task lies ahead.
The fabrics features in this collection include AIRism Cotton and AIRism UV Cut.
Found in Men’s Crew Neck Shirts, Men’s Tank Top and Women’s Ribbed Bra Sleeveless Top, the AIRism Cotton is a dual layer material with cotton on the outside and AIRism on the inside. It combines the quick drying properties of AIRism and moisture absorbency and release of cotton. In addition, the AIRism UV Cut found in items such as the Women’s AIRism UV Cut Mesh Long Sleeve Hoodie blocks 90% of UV rays. Perfect for everyday life, the UNIQLO AIRism collection
gives a new way of comfort.
T-Shirts and Polos

Comfortable and easy-to-wear designs made with innovative technology, the tops and shirts in this collection maintain an effortless look with a smooth feel against the skin. Using AIRism cotton blends, the pieces keep the wearer cool and comfortable in any weather.
Uniqlo Airism Collection
Sport Utility Wear

Packed not just with the full set of AIRism features but also with high-performance technology, the AIRism Sport Utility Wear makes movement easier. With its lightweight and quick-dry element, the tops and bottoms feel cool and refreshing against the skin, and can be used for sports, working out, errands or simply working from home.
Uniqlo Airism Collection
The breathable base layer of AIRism innerwear releases heat and moisture. Acting as an irresistibly comfortable inner layer, bras, seamless shorts and boxer briefs give off freshness all day. Meanwhile, scoop-neck t-shirts and camisoles feature a slimming silhouette that looks clean when worn even on its own.
Bra Tops
AIRism bra tops feature a sleeker design with a flattering neckline, and a stretchy material that’s smooth and comfortable against the skin. Quick-dry and cool to the touch, the bra tops are easy to coordinate, and can be worn on its own or as an inner layer that sets the foundation of the look.
Uniqlo Airism Collection

Kids get to say goodbye to the stuffy or sticky feeling in a humid environment. Pieces like the AIRism UV cut mesh hoodie feature basic cuts in AIRism cotton blend, which can quickly dry sweat as they stay active.
uniqlo bedsheet Uniqlo Airism Collection
AIRism Bedding

Make your stay at home comfortable with AIRism’s lightweight and breathable bedding, perfect for hot and humid weather. The AIRism bedsheets, pillow covers and duvet covers will be available for single, semi-double, double, king and queen size beds. These are cool to the touch, moisture-wicking and feature a quick-drying property that stays smooth and dry. Color options include White, Grey, Dark Brown and Pink. AIRism bed sheets, pillow covers and duvets will be available by late
August in the Philippines.
uniqlo bedsheet Uniqlo Airism Collection
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