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Holiday Gift Guide in the New Normal

November 30, 2020

 Holiday Gift Guide for the New Normal

Holiday Gift Guide for the New Normal

 It is the holiday season again and although the Coronavirus Pandemic might have given birth to a new normal, one thing never change, the tradition of giving gifts. 

Even if we don’t celebrate Christmas, I take the opportunity of the festive season to also give gifts to the people who matter to me. 

I am sharing some practical and useful gifts that people will surely appreciate. 

1. Lysol Bundle Packs

The tita in me is so happy to receive a Lysol Gift Pack! It is always important to disinfect (our home and gifts!), and a Lysol Bundle Pack that came with 2 units of 340g Lysol Disinfectant Spray and PRC (Philippine Red Cross)’s teddy bear makes a thoughtful gift.

Holiday Gift Guide for the New Normal
Would be nice to see this gift in your bed 

For every purchase of this special holiday-themed pack available in supermarkets nationwide, Lysol hopes to create further awareness on the efforts undertaken by PRC. Moreover, the special holiday-themed pack makes for an excellent gift for friends and family, reminding them to always practice good hygiene to Disinfect to Protect.

2. Love, Beauty and Planet Liquid Handwash

I can say that our hands are the most tired and used body part nowadays. We alternate keyboard, phone, and sink. It is just rightful that we give our hands serious TLC. 

Holiday Gift Guide for the New Normal
All stocked up! Yay! Thank you Love, Beauty and Planet!

The new Love Beauty and Planet Liquid Handwashes, which are infused with goodness and sublime scents. From the eco-beauty brand that’s all about performing small acts of love for yourself and the planet, the Love Beauty and Planet Liquid Handwash line features lovingly crafted liquid soap formulas that are gentle on the hands and kind to the planet, too.

Just like the rest of the offerings from Love Beauty and Planet, these handwashes are vegan and cruelty-free, made with no parabens, dyes or sulfates. While its formula is made from ethically-sourced organic ingredients, each bottle is made with 100% recycled materials and can be recycled after use!

Holiday Gift Guide for the New Normal
You can add a pot of potpourri or little trinkets to add on your gift

Pack on moisture and gentleness on your hands with these four handwashes:

Coconut Water and Mimosa Flower Petal Soft Handwash: Enjoy the feeling of delicately scented, refreshed hands with the Petal Soft Handwash, infused with Coconut Water, known for its hydrating properties, and handpicked Mimosa Flower.

Coconut Oil and Ylang Ylang Tropical Fresh Handwash Made with locally-sourced virgin coconut oil for repair and protection, the Tropical Fresh Handwash gives your hands ultimate freshness and nourishment while leaving a delicate floral scent.

Murumuru Butter and Belgian Rose Majestic Moisture Handwash: With a rich floral scent like that of a bountiful bouquet, the Majestic Moisture Handwash pampers and soothes your delicate hands, protecting them from dryness – all thanks to murumuru butter that’s ethically-sourced from the Amazon.

Tea Tree Oil and Vetiver Pure and Positive Handwash: Blended with tea tree oil and vetiver, for an earthy, refined scent, the Pure and Positive Handwash gives overworked hands a chance to detoxify and relax, allowing you to breathe a sigh of relief after a long day of work.

3. (Healthy) Snack Box

A care package that consists of the recipient’s favorite snacks (or healthy snacks to introduce him/her to healthier options) is another practical and useful gift. I personally love receiving snack or care boxes! 

Holiday Gift Guide for the New Normal

Here is something I received from Philam Life – curated box from Raw Bites. I really love the snack varieties in Raw Bites. But you can also do your little grocery shopping at Healthy Options. The store usually offer Holiday Gift Boxes. 

4. Grazing Box

Grazing boxes would make a perfect gift to your friends if you are planning to host a virtual party or even just to say, you remember them.

Holiday Gift Guide for the New Normal

It is nice to treat friends/loved ones into an indulgent night and save them the trouble of buying their own cold cuts and cheese. You can order customized Grazing Boxes and choose the cold cuts, dried fruits, crackers, cheese, crackers and bottle of wine. Check out this article to see where you can order one. 

5. Subscription to Netflix, Spotify or other apps!

Back when I was still in corporate work and Holiday Parties would ask for our wish list, I would always write “1 year Cosmopolitan Subscription”. I used to collect Cosmopolitan Magazine, and it was nice to receive an issue every month (for a whole year). It is like getting a gift every month. 

Holiday Gift Guide for the New Normal
Subscription to Netflix, Spotify or your friends/families’ favorite streaming app or editing software (or web and photo hosting) would be a very thoughtful gift. To make it a little more personal, you can add a curated snack box or care package. 

6. Food Delivery!
In the new normal, I send gifts to friends and relatives in a form of food delivery. It is convenient and a fast way to send our thoughts to our loved ones. Cooking takes a lot of time, and sending a food to a busy friend/relative would really mean alot. 
Holiday Gift Guide for the New Normal
Holiday Gift Guide for the New Normal

Here is a merienda package I received from Ms. Reia during the time I was so busy working on my 11.11 deadlines. I really appreciate the thought.  Giving gifts can be an act of service, too! (that is my love language hehe). Ordering online also helps the economy moving by providing work to riders and small businesses. 

7. Pair of Pajamas 

Whenever friends would ask me what gift I would want to receive (they say, they find it hard to think of a gift for me because it seems I receive gifts everyday), I always reply with a pair of pajamas (from Uniqlo!). 

It is tricky to shop for clothes for other people – we don’t know their style and size. But a pair of Pajamas we can wear at home is just a perfect gift (at least for me!). 
Uniqlo is having a sale event from November 27 to December 3, 2020 so don’t miss out!
 8. (Digital) Cash
Let’s admit it, most of us love to receive money as a gift! If you think that the recipient don’t need or want the items I listed above, sending cash is your best bet. 
You can be creative by adding a balloon, or making a money tree. But for those who are in a Long Distance relationship with their friends/family due to Covid-19 Pandemic, you can send digital cash through PayMaya (and you can even earn a cash back!). 
If you don’t have PayMaya yet, you can register using my code “3awuc26” and upgrade/add money to receive Php 100. 
Holiday Gift Guide for the New Normal

I hope you find this list helpful! If you have other gift suggestions, or gifts you wish to receive feel free to comment and share them with me. Follow me @ruthilicious for more stories!
Keep safe!


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