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Hello, 2021!

January 12, 2021


It’s been a while. Twelve days after we welcomed the new year, and here I am writing my first post. Sometimes, I feel like I no longer know what to write. Probably because I have found a new way to express myself or my thoughts (through  a new medium), but I know I will always go back to my first love, writing. 

There is really so much to be thankful for the last year. It was not an easy year for most of us, but I am forever grateful for the little things, and my relationship with my friends and family (even if we oftentimes disagree on many things). 

I didn’t realize that staying home for 9 months would give me more time to get to know myself.  I admit that I sorely miss traveling, I look at everyday opportunity as an adventure. It is when we feel uncomfortable that  make us grow, and become more humble. 

Although the universe always listens (to my many hopes and wishes), they say it is also good to write down our goals (and claim it!). So here we go: 

1. Continue with my good habits. Last year taught me to form good habits everyday – as these little habits will make a change in my life. From exercising everyday, meditating, choosing healthier snacks, and managing my attention/time. 

2. Always think, less is more.  I am still (trying) to embrace minimalism; but sometimes there are just things that interest that I keep (and maybe, buy)  – that becomes part of my story. 

3. Do less and protect my valuable time. 

Tomorrow is another adventure. 

I hope you are getting closer to the goals that you set for yourself this year. 💖

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