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How to Find Your Way in a World of Shoes?

February 18, 2021

How to Find Your Way in a World of Shoes? 

I remember the time when I would buy all shoes that fit. I was like Cinderella on a shopping spree. If you are finding your way in a world of shoes, read the featured article below.

Far from being a straightforward and simple transaction, finding the right pair of shoes for the job or occasion can be a mountainous task. But why would you spend your money on an inferior item, when a little bit of know-how can take you straight to the target? Here is why a little bit of research and a lot of commitment are the shortcuts to the best pair of shoes.  

Know the difference between the jobs they do. 

You would not use a hairbrush on your teeth, and equally, you would not even think about pulling a toothbrush through your hair. This is why, just as running is actually a different movement to walking, running shoes, by the same token, differ from walking shoes in many ways, despite their similarities. 

We have all owned at least one pair of shoes that was so comfortable, that you used them for everything, including running and walking. Do you recall having any aches and pains during that time, often annoyingly across the lower back? This unfortunate side effect is one of the quickest ways to know whether you should be thinking about changing up the shoes you use for different activities, as your alignment and posture are the first to suffer from the use of incorrect shoes. 

What keeps you on your feet?  

It’s not only about sports. There are certain jobs and hobbies that keep you on your feet for several hours a day – just think about running or hiking with your new pair of Nike shoes you bought on sale! Trying any of these activities in a shoe that is anything less than cushioned and supportive is death on the joints, as you will be forced into unsupported activity that can lead to fatigue. Ideally, you should be looking for a pair of shoes that support your heels and ankles, while providing enough cushioning to keep you fresh and comfortable.  

Where to start looking? 

There are shoes, and there are shoes – and this statement is less cryptic than it might seem at the outset. Different manufacturers use different kinds of manufacturing techniques, technologies, and materials in producing their shoes, which means that quality, appearance and function can differ greatly between different brand names. Also remember that, just because you are wearing a major trademark, for example, Nike shoes for sales, does not make them right for you. The best advice is to keep on trying on shoes, until you find something that ticks all the boxes, without getting hung up on the brand name. 

So how do you know if it ticks all the boxes? Firstly, make sure you do enough upfront online research, so that you enter any store you choose armed with a comparable amount of knowledge!  

In the physical store environment, try on the shoes, handle them, and thoroughly inspect them, for manufacturing faults or any other aspects that you are not happy with. The sweet spot is a shoe that is light enough for speed and agility, but sturdy enough to hold its own and support your feet through strenuous activity! 


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