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4 things to prep for your best summer yet

April 12, 2022

Ready to catch waves and lounge on the sand under the sun? Time to prep and get a dose of
vitamin sea. It’s Pau-Pau’s first summer, and he’s ready to make it the most memorable one yet
with the help of amazing deals. Here’s a list to help you get you into the summer mood.

1. Stock up on your favorite icy treats

Refresh your stock of icy treats, from go-to classics to trending products. But you don’t need to
head out in the heat. Get your icy fix through pandamart and enjoy deals.

● Use the code: ICECREAM for P100 off with a min. spend of P599 on ice cream from 1 to 5pm
● Use the code: EAT for P80 off with a min. spend of P499
● Use the code: SLEEP for P130 off with a min. spend of P1099
● Use the code: BEACH for P200 off with a min. spend of
P1599 Valid from April 1 to 31

2. Ready your summer playlist

Whether you’re going out of town or just cruising around the neighborhood with your friends, a
summer playlist is a must. Another thing you shouldn’t skip out on? Snacks, of course!
Looking to pick up some faves for the trip?
Get up to 20% off on select vendors like Koomi, Fruitas, Soy & Bean, Dairy Queen, and BLK
513 when you choose pick-up. PLUS, enjoy an extra 5% off if you’re subscribed to pandapro.
No minimum order and no max discount.

3. Go on a food crawl

Planning summer hangouts with your best buddies? Take a page out of Pau-Pau’s book and
paint the country pink. While you’re at it, why not be a gastronomic daredevil and revamp your
palate by trying different cuisines? Skip the usual and take the risk. You might discover a new
Ordering food?
● April 5 to 6 Use the code: PAUPAUMANILA for ₱70 off, ₱499 MOV
● April 14 to 15Use the code: PAUPAUVISAYAS for ₱80 off, ₱549 MOV
● April 20 to 21Use the code: PAUPAUMINDANAO for ₱80 off, ₱549 MOV
All vouchers can be used nationwide. Valid on food delivery only.

4. Stock up on summer skin essentials

What better way to show some summer lovin’ to your skin than to fearlessly enjoying your sun-
worshipping days with sun and moisture-barrier protecting products to stay supple, hydrated,
and fresh?
Shop for last-minute essentials.
● Use the code: SHSUMMER and enjoy 10% off with a min spend of P599 max, a discount of
Valid from April 1 to 31.
Wanna go PRO with pandapro?
● Use the code: PROMANILA for ₱80 off your 12-month plan.
● Use the code: PROCEBU for ₱80 off your 12-month plan.
● Use the code: PROCAVITE for ₱80 off your 12-month plan.
Available April 1-30, 2022 in those areas only.
Think that gave you an idea or two on staying prepped and cool for the summer? Kick it up a
notch when you take advantage of the deals– but hurry! Offers are available for a limited time
only. Start making the most of it while you still can by shopping here.

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