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A Quick Learning Guide to Solar Power Installation

November 24, 2022

Installing solar power is an exciting investment to make for your home. It means you are ready for energy independence and the responsibility that comes with it, starts right from the moment you make the decision to shift from grid energy to solar energy. After making the decision, you need to figure out whether you are financially ready to handle the transition. Solar energy installation can cost as high as $45,000 at the lowest to $100,000, and this is something that will have a major toll on your financial position for quite some time.

Conducting an Appraisal on Your home

Perhaps the first step should be to conduct a fair appraisal of your energy needs, and you can do this by getting a qualified installer to conduct some measurements on your house by checking the size of your roof. In some instances, you can install the solar panels on flat ground but then you’d require a good allowance to fit in the solar panels as well as any other installations to support the panels at the best angle to capture maximum sunlight.

The appraisal will also give you a hint of how much you can expect to spend on your solar installation. Solar panel companies are free and quite willing to write down a quote for you, but it is advisable not to settle on the first quote that comes your way. Make sure they or a representative from the solar company understands that you have not yet made a decision and you are weighing your options. This is also a great way to gauge the customer relations capacity of the various solar companies you were researching on.

Settling on a Reliable Solar Company

Once you get a good price quotation and you figure it can fit into your budget, then it’s time to write up an agreement with your preferred solar company in San Diego County. The agreement should be quite easy to structure but you should also look out for hidden liabilities and responsibilities. Make sure all terms are well spelt out and be on the lookout for offers and discounts. In most cases, solar panel companies may offer certain discounts and promotions which they cannot fully warrant over the course of your warranty. So ensure your warranty is not part of a promotion and is instead part of the transaction and is fully covered within the agreement.

In the course of the installation, you may find that your home may be temporarily occupied by contractors and therefore you cannot stay there. This may be a good time to go on vacation, but in some cases, a good solar company may offer you several days’ stay at a motel for your whole family to relax as they work on your home. However, as the property owner, you should make sure you remain available either on call or on site to answer any queries. Overall, make sure you have fully factored in everything that you can possibly think about before entering an installation agreement.

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