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Pokemon Cafe, Osaka Japan: How to Book, What to Order, and Price

January 17, 2023

I remember when Pokemon hit local television back in the 90s. At that time, I have other interests, but I know Pikachu and some pocket monsters that I even got engaged when Pokemon Go first launched.

#J is a big fan of Pokemon and we joined her at the Pokemon Cafe in Osaka, Japan.

It was our last day in Osaka, Japan. We were flying at night, and we had the whole day to explore Osaka. We checked out early for the 10:20 AM reservation in Pokemon Cafe.

Pokemon Cafe Osaka Japan Review

How to Book a Reservation at the Pokemon Cafe

To reserve a table, you can book in advance via this link:

You will receive an email notification that you have to present on the day of your visit.

Pokemon Cafe Osaka Japan Review

Pokemon Cafe Location in Osaka, Japan

1 Shinsaibashi-suji, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi 7-1 Daimaru Shinsaibashi Main Building 9F

The Pokemon Cafe Experience

I think I was more excited compared to #J when we arrived at the Pokemon Cafe.

It is like attending a theme birthday party! Pokemon characters are all over the place – from the display, stuffed toys, and placemat.

Pokemon Cafe Osaka Reservation

Pokemon Cafe Osaka Review

Pokemon Cafe Osaka Menu

The food presentation is super! I am not a big fan of Pokemon but I appreciate all the little details that they incorporated into each dish/meal. Special plates and placemats are used for a certain dish to ensure that food stands out.

Pokemon Cafe Osaka Review

Pokemon Cafe Osaka Review

For a themed cafe, the food is really good and worth the price.

I really love the appearance of Pikachu! Before her appearance, we were reminded to wear our masks and not stand up. She is the cutest. I shared some highlights on my Instagram Reels and Tiktok.


What we ate at the Pokemon Cafe in Osaka Japan 🍽️ #PokemonCafe #Pokemon #traveltiktok #OsakaJapan #Japan #Osaka #ruthilicious #travel @Pokémon/ポケモン【公式】

♬ Pokémon RBGY – Remix – Toni Leys

What to Order at the Pokemon Cafe

Pokemon Cafe Osaka Menu

We ordered different plates to see different presentations. I had the Pikachu’s Yokubari Plate JPY 1,848 (tax included).

Pokemon Cafe Osaka Menu

Pokemon Cafe Osaka Menu

You get a free coaster for every order of drink.

Pokemon Cafe Osaka Menu

Everyone’s Melo Melo ♡ Eevee Plate JPY 1,848

Pokemon Cafe Osaka Menu

This is the Furifuri mix au lait chocolate JPY 1,100 that you have to prepare and mix with the help of the wait staff.

Pokemon Cafe Osaka Menu

The Kabigon Manpuku Nap Lunch Plate JPY 1,958 looks so good!

Pokemon Cafe Osaka Menu

For dessert, Monster Ball Dessert Bowl JPY 1,848 (the menu says what’s inside is a surprise!)

Pokemon Cafe Osaka Menu

Pokemon Cafe Osaka Menu

Some Notes:

  • Seats are limited to 90 minutes. The last order is 30 minutes before the reservation end time.
  • You cannot take out the food that you ordered.
  • There are individual sections for solo diners.
  • You can buy Pokemon Merchandise at the Pokemon Cafe like cutleries, glass or plates.

I really enjoyed our brunch at the Pokemon Cafe! Whether you are a fan or not, it is a must-visit when you are in Osaka, Japan.

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