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Japan Travel Requirements | Manila to Osaka, Japan

December 30, 2022

Finally, a time for me to write about my recent travel to Japan. I want to reconnect with my love for writing and sharing my travel stories. But before all the adventure and kilig stories, let’s talk about the Japan travel requirements.

Japan is now open to all countries and regions with a valid vaccination certificate or COVID-19 Negative Test Certificate. This includes Filipino travelers/Philippine Passport Holders.

I traveled to Osaka, Japan last November 23 to November 28, 2022. I already have a Japan Visa from my previous travel, so for this article, I will share my experience in securing documents related to COVID-19 travel requirements. You can read my experience here in applying for Japan Multiple-Entry Visa (note that documents and requirements may change so check with your travel agency).

PASSPORT – at least 6 months valid for the whole duration of travel (bring also the passport where your valid Japan Visa was stamped if separate)


E-Ticket – no need to print to save resources

VAX Certificate or Vaccination Card or Yellow Card – either of these three would be accepted. Make sure that your Vax Certificate reflects 3 vaccination records.

QR Codes Generated from Visit Japan Website (COVID-19, Immigration and Customs) – register via this link: . Make sure that you register ahead of time since it might take hours for the system to validate information/documents. You will be asked to upload your Vaccination Cards, and they will advise if Antigen Test is required.

At the Immigration:

I just presented my passport and boarding pass. I previously traveled to two Asian countries this year so the only question that was asked of me was, my flight back to Manila (November 28) and the purpose of my travel (vacation).

I was not asked about my work (freelance writer/blogger) or if I am travelling with companion.

The immigration process was rather smooth during my travel. My friend told me that some immigration officers might ask for companions, so it is better to check-in and go through immigration with friends.

Arrival in Japan:

When you arrived in Japan, you will go through as series of checks – quarantine / COVID-19 requirements, immigration, and customs. Take a screenshot of the QR codes and keep it in one folder (easily accessible from your phone). You will need to present/scan these QR codes together with your passport. There are airport officials/marshalls and immigration officers who would assist you with each process.

Flying Back to Manila:

During my flight back to Manila, the One Health Pass was still a requirement when re-entering the Philippines. When checking in at the airport, you would be required to present the QR Code from One Health Pass. You need to register and complete it 24 hours before your flight. I did mine during our subway ride to the Kansai Airport. It is an instant confirmation but would be good to have it ready the night before.

I hope you find this post helpful.

Keep following for more stories and adventures!

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