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(Updated 2023) How to Get a 5-Year Multiple-Entry Japan Visa for Filipinos

January 16, 2020

When I first visited Japan, I just knew I have a lot of reasons to go back – the minimalist culture, advanced technology, good food, and very considerate people. I completely understood how everyone fell in love with Japan.

I was over the moon when on my second application for tourist visa, I was granted a multiple-entry visa.

How to Apply for a Multiple-Entry Japan Visa | Filipino Tourist

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Even if I have been previously approved visa by different embassies (countries), every application is a nerve-wracking experience for me. There truly is no formula, only the Japan Consul can make a decision and grant you a visa based on the documents that you would submit. 

I am sharing the process and tips on how I got my Multiple-Visa in Japan.

I hope you find them helpful.

Japan Multiple-Entry Visa Eligibility

First off, let’s check the eligibility. You are eligible to apply for a Multiple-Entry Visa if you are: 

  1. A person who has travelled to Japan as temporary visitor within the last three years and has financial capability to support his/her trip
  2. A person who has travelled to Japan as temporary visitor within the last three years and has travelled as temporary visitor to G7 countries (excluding Japan) several times within the last three years
  3. A person who has highly sufficient financial capacity
  4. Immediate family members (Spouse/Child) of the person who has highly sufficient financial capacity.

I am eligible based on bullet number 2. But I made sure that I also submitted financial capability requirements to support my application. 

Japan Multiple Entry Visa Requirements 

Like what I always say write in my previous blogs, always make sure that I submit complete requirements. Do not give the consul a reason to deny your application. 

1. Philippine Passport

Must be valid for 6 months covering your target travel date.

Must have 2 blank pages or more. 

Must have a signature and emergency contact information. 

2. Accomplished Visa Application Form

Complete the form and put N/A in fields that are not applicable to you. 

Make sure that you print it in an A4 size paper. 

Download the Japan Visa Application Form HERE. 

3. Recent Photo 

(2) Two Pieces of  4.5 cm x 4.5 cm with white background and must be taken within the last 6 months. I usually wear something with collar when I have my ID photo taken. 

4. Multiple-Entry Visa Application Form

You can get a copy of the printed form at the travel agency. 

Make sure that you also complete the field explaining why you are applying for a multiple-entry visa. For my application, I was honest with my intent to visit Japan and explore its other prefectures. 

5. Daily Itinerary

This should include the dates, activities, contact person and your accommodation. 

It must be printed in an A4-size paper. 

6. Birth Certificate (for first time visa applicants)

Must be issued by the Philippine Statistics Office

7 Marriage Certificate (for first time visa applicants)

Must be issued by the Philippine Statistics Office

8. Additional Requirements – Financial Capacity

Income Tax Return (ITR): if you don’t have an ITR because you are new to your job, or just started a business, you can write a letter of explanation together with supporting documents like tax forms, or proof of income (contracts, invoices, receipts) explaining why you cannot submit an ITR. 

Bank Certificate: I submitted bank certificates from my banks. I usually secure bank certificate within a month before my application. For the amount of the fund or show-money, I think it is always a safe figure to have at least Php 100,000 in your account.  If your bank account is short of 6 figures, just make sure that you have enough fund to cover your itinerary. Usually, I allot Php 5,000 each day of travel (so if you are staying for 5 days, make sure you have at least Php 25,000 + extra for incidentals). This amount does not include airfare and accommodation. 

Other Documents to Support My Financial Capabilities: I also submitted contracts, stocks certificate, and credit card statements (last 6 months – make sure that your account is current and that you always pay your bills on time ) to show proof that  I have strong economic ties in the home country and that I can support myself during travel to Japan. 

Proof of Travel to Japan in Last 3 Years: I submitted my old passport with my used visa and immigration stamps on it. 

Proof of travel to other G7 countries in the Last 3 Years: My old passport has the used/valid visas and stamps from the G7 countries. The Group of Seven (G-7) is a forum of the seven countries with the world’s largest developed economies — France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

After I have completed my requirements, I submitted my application to Reli Tours and Travel Agency. There are many accredited travel agencies that process and assist with Japan Visa application. I just chose Reli Tours and Travel Agency because this is the same agency I used for my first Japan Visa application, and it is closer to home. 

The travel agent checked and validated documents to ensure that the requirements are complete. They also put marks on the pages of my passport where visas are stamped.

I paid Php 950 (same price for applying single-entry visa). 

Make sure that you keep the receipt for collecting your passport once approved. 

The processing usually takes 5 to 10 business days. 

I received an SMS from the travel agency that my passport was ready for pick-up. 

When I claimed my passport, they congratulated me for the 5-year Multiple-Entry Visa!

I felt like I won an award.

(there was just so much pressure on my part to get approved since my friends already got their visa – multiple-entry visa too!). 

How I Got My Multiple-Entry Japan Visa Tips

Here is the photo of my Japan Visa

Tips When Applying for Multiple-Entry Visa

1. You do not need to show airline tickets and hotel booking. I booked my tickets right after I got my visa. 

2. Japan is an expensive country. I would suggest that you really save enough funds and money so you can really enjoy your travel, and you would feel more confident about your application. Depositing a large amount of money in your bank account may be questionable, and might result to denied application. Oftentimes, delayed gratification is the best for any situation. 

3. Submit only valid and authentic documents – do not submit fake documents. Integrity is everything.  

I hope you find this post helpful. 

Always check the updated requirements at your trusted Travel Agency for more information.

I will be sharing more about my Fukuoka, Japan travels. 

For now, check out my visual diaries

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