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Fukuoka, Japan: Things to Do, Where to Stay + Travel Budget

May 23, 2020

Fukuoka, Japan: Things to Do, Where to Stay + Budget 

Fukuoka is a lively city surrounded by mountains and ocean known for its variety of local flavors. Fukuoka is actually closer to Seoul, the capital city of South Korea, than it is to Tokyo, the capital city of Japan.

I am sharing a few things you can do if you plan to visit Fukuoka, Japan.

Fukuoka, Japan: Things to do, where to stay and travel expenses

1. Eat at the Original Ichiran Ramen

Ichiran Ramen is Fukuoka’s pride. You must visit the orignal Ichiran Ramen Shop and order your favorite ramen through a vending machine and enjoy a hearty ramen in the walled- off- cubicles without the need to interact with anyone. I really love Japan’s alone – friendly establishments. 

Ichiran Ramen Fukuoka Vending Machine Things to Do in Fukuoka

Ichiran Ramen Fukuoka Cubicle Things to Do in Fukuoka

Ruth dela Cruz Fukuoka

2. Stroll Around Center of Night Life and Naka River

We stayed in the center of Fukuoka’s city and it was always a pleasant walk back to our place to see the famous Yatai stalls and bright lights of the buildings near Naka river. 

Things to Do in Fukuoka Stroll Around Center of Night Life and Naka River Things to Do in Fukuoka

 Stroll Around Center of Night Life and Naka River

 Stroll Around Center of Night Life and Naka River

3. Visit Ramen Stadium

Whether you like thick or thin noodles, pork-based or miso-based, with egg and additional meat, you can find your perfect ramen at the Ramen Stadium located at the Canal City Mall. 

Ramen Stadium Fukuoka Things to Do

Ramen Stadium Fukuoka Things to Do

4. Try All Flavors of Horoyoi – Suntory Beer

This is not uniquely Fukuoka experience, but it would be nice to try all the Horoyoi – Suntory Beer flavors. You can buy them from Don Quijote. Each can contains 3% alcohol so don’t worry about getting drunk. 

We tried rating each one of them. Most remind me of fruit juices and Welch’s. 

 Horoyoi - Suntory Beer Flavors

5. Stroll Around Ohori Park

Ohori Park is a large park in Fukuoka with a pond in the center. It was actually part of the moat system in the Fukuoka Castle. 

It was drizzling when we visited but it was still a pleasant walk. 

Tip: There is a Starbucks store in the area where you can chill keep warm when the weather goes colder at night. 

Ohori Park Fukuoka Things to Do

Ohori Park Fukuoka Things to Do

Ohori Park Fukuoka Things to Do

Ohori Park Fukuoka Things to Do

Ohori Park Fukuoka Things to Do

6. Visit the TeamLab Exhibition

We were lucky that the TeamLab Exhibition was set at the Fukuoka Castle Ruins when we visited. 

Fukuoka Castle also known as Stone Castle was built for 7 years in 1600. The castle became a canvass for the digital interactive light that changes according to the presence of the crowd. There were also 

Ruth dela Cruz

TeamLab Fukuoka Japan

TeamLab Fukuoka Japan

TeamLab Fukuoka Japan

7. Visit Kushida Shrine Park and Draw Your Luck

Omikuji are random fortunes written on strips of paper at Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples in Japan. Although I don’t really believe in such traditions, I still tried picking my luck (and surprisingly what was written in mine was somewhat true). 

It says I am slightly lucky. I decided to tie it (to counter the luck). Those who got “lucky” can keep it. 

I left a memory in Fukuoka. 

Ruth dela Cruz

Kushida Shrine Park Fukuoka Japan

Kushida Shrine Park Fukuoka Japan

8. Touch the Palms of Sumo Statue at Sumiyoshi Shrine (to get his powers)

They say that when you touch the Sumo Statue’s palms in Sumiyoshi Shrine, you can get some of its powers. I think it worked because I was able to carry 2 luggage and 1 heavy bag on our flight back home. Try it and let me know your experience. 

 Sumo Statue at Sumiyoshi Shrine

 Sumo Statue at Sumiyoshi Shrine

 Sumo Statue at Sumiyoshi Shrine

9. Have Warm Wine at the Hakata Station

The Hakata Station is the major railway station in Hakata and the gateway to other cities. 

At night, it becomes a party place where people, friends and families gather. It seems like a place to be in on a Friday night. There are stalls that sell food and warm wine. You can buy a cup (which you can take home as a souvenir) and enjoy the night show. 

10. Shop at Mandarake Store

Aside from Don Quijote and Daiso, Mandarake is one of the shopping stores in Japan that you have to visit. It houses vintage items, collectible toys, band merchandise, comics and a lot of interesting items. 

One of the interesting things I saw in the Mandarake store in Fukuoka is an original Chucky Doll.

Mandarake Store Fukuoka

Mandarake Store Fukuoka

You can watch my vlog about Mandarake here: 

11. Shop at the Tosu Premium Outlet Store

Tosu Premium Outlet Store is about an hour and 10-minute train ride from the Hakata Station. It is a large Premium Outlet Store that houses different brands. The shops are nicely spread out. There are a lot of really good deals and our 2-hour stay was not enough to cover all the stores. 

Our game plan: we separated and went straight to our individual priorities. I was able to buy Pandora accessories for 50% off. While my friends bought shoes from Nike and Adidas at really affordable prices. I wish I have more time and money to spend. 

12. Shake Hands with the Reclining Buddha in Nazoin Shrine

One of the touristy thing that we did in Fukuoka is to travel to Nanzo-in Shrine to see and shake hands with the Reclining Buddha. It is said to be the biggest bronze Buddha. Make sure that you tug and shake hands with him before leaving. 

The Nanzoin Shrine is one of the most beautiful shrines I got to visit. 

13. Join the FREE Asahi Beer Tour  

We joined the Free Asahi Beer Tour and got to enjoy cold beers for Free. Yay! I remember we were all rushing to go to the Asahi Factory. We made it without having lunch or any snack. It was a fun activity to do with friends. 

These are just a few of the things we did during our 6-day trip to Fukuoka. It was a very relaxed vacation. We also did a lot of stop-overs in Family Mart to eat Famichiki, and local bake shops (I so love Japanese bread and carbs!). 

Manila to Fukuoka

We flew in via Philippine Airlines. It was a short flight of 3 hours and 40 minutes. Flights from Manila to Fukuoka are slighty cheaper compared to Tokyo. I love flying via Philippine Airlines. (and love the Bento Box meal!) But there is also a Manila to Fukuoka Flight in budget airlines like Cebu Pacific.

Fukuoka, Japan: Things to Do, Where to Stay + Budget

Fukuoka, Japan: Things to Do, Where to Stay + Budget

Where We Stayed: Airbnb

We were able to book a studio hotel near the city area. It is walking distance to Canal City Mall, subway station and there is even a 7-Eleven at the same building. 

You can check out the video below to see how our lodging looked like: 

The place has 3 double beds, living area, patio, kitchen, toilet (with hot and cold shower), and portable WIFI. 

Our share is around Php 11,000+ each. We stayed for 6 nights.

Ruth dela Cruz

Estimated Budget / Expenses

Whenever I travel I want it to be comfortable – from the flight to lodging and the way I enjoy things/experiences. I cannot say this is a budget trip, or a luxurious one.  There were days when we get food from 7-Eleven and some days we indulge and have full meals.

I am just sharing my expenses (how I remembered them) so you would have an idea how much to save/allot for your trip to Fukuoka. There aren’t many attractions or entrance fees that you need to pay for in Fukuoka (unlike in other major destinations like Tokyo). Travel expenses truly depend on food preferences and shopping habits. 

Flight: around Php 10,000 (via Philippine Airlines)

Lodging: around Php 11,000 (share for Airbnb). 

(Lodging rates start at Php 2,500 / night in Fukuoka. for a capsule hotel. 

We were able to save because we traveled as a group.)

Wifi: Php 3,000 (for 6 days)

(I rented it last minute because my portable WIFI unit was held in Customs before my flight. 

You can rent much cheaper WIFI if you plan ahead)

 Pocket Money: Php 14,000+ (around 30,000 Yen)

(I no longer itemized my expenses. So for the pocket money I brought, I just use it for transportation, loading my subway card, buying food, or snacks, etc).  I also charge some of the expenses in my card which saves me in FOREX vs withdrawing money). 

Credit Card Charges (after the trip) Php 25,000 

(this includes personal shopping). 

I know travel would be more expensive in the coming days because of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

But I hope you find this post helpful.

You can check out my other travels and adventures. 

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