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Pawsitively’ Joyful: Golden Haven celebrates nationwide ‘Pawsome Day’

September 7, 2023

Golden Haven Memorial Parks Inc. treated pet owners and their cherished animal companions to an incredibly delightful time last August 19, 2023, at an event aptly named “Nationwide Pawsome Day”. Held simultaneously in all of its 30-plus properties across the country, the occasion turned Golden Haven’s beautiful parks into joyful scenes of frisky pups of all breeds and sizes romping around with other adorable furry creatures.

Indeed, if the sound of pet owners’ laughter—mixed with the excited yipping and barking of their beloved furbabies—were any indication, Golden Haven’s second annual Pawsome Day turned out to be a colossal success, and one worth turning into a cherished tradition.

More than just a gathering of families and their adorable pets, Golden Haven’s Pawsome Day was a celebration of the irrepleacable bond between humans and their beloved animal companions. This special kinship was best shown by the outpouring of love as they gamely joined the pet walkathon and various other activities such as pet fashion shows where paw-fectly dressed pups showcased their modeling flair; pet pageants that displayed the unique characters of different pets; and fun photo contests
that captured moments of pure joy.

Pawsitively’ Joyful: Golden Haven celebrates nationwide ‘Pawsome Day’

Noteworthy was the initiative taken by five of Golden Haven’s parks—General Santos, Manaoag, Nueva Ecija, Nueva Vizcaya, and Sariaya—that went over and beyond the scope of activities by partnering with city veterinary offices to provide free pet vaccinations. This attested to Golden Haven’s earnest desire to ensure the health and well-being of their customers’ furry friends.

Golden Haven likewise invited a variety of pet-related businesses that further enriched attendees’ ties with their pawsome family and added an extra layer of delight to an already vibrant day.

As Ms. Emy Lustado, President of Golden Haven states, “Pawsome Day affirmed our efforts not only to help families preserve memories of their dearly departed but also to create more beautiful experiences with their living, breathing loved ones. It served to remind all of us that pets are more than just animals; they are cherished confidants, steadfast companions, and sources of boundless happiness.”

Pawsitively’ Joyful: Golden Haven celebrates nationwide ‘Pawsome Day’

Ms. Emy likewise says: “We want to underscore the special place pets occupy in the hearts of our customers—or the meaningful roles they might have had in the lives of departed family members. On its second year, we elevated Pawsome Day to a time for recognizing the wonderful companionship our furry friends bless us with.”

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