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November 26, 2007
Ok it’s been a while.. a long while.. and Ive decided to write again. Blog and rant. And I always think Im a good writer. Haha
I thought of registering a new blog.. and here it is now! Welcome! (Because for some reasons that I have a few secrets.. and stories.. and feelings Ive written about in my old blog which I dont feel like going back to, or discussing..) 😉
I love how Google incorporated Blogspot and Gmail account.
First off – my blog name.. of course I want my name included in the blog.. since adding -licious to describe something nice, sexy and fun (bootylicious.. divalicious.. etc..) why not attach the suffix in my name? 😉
I thought of designing and editing my own template like the one I had then (yuck, I even remember studying and researching about HTML! and I feel like a techie! Haha). Ok, I was trying to load a nice template, but it just won’t work. I might as well use my old template and edit the background pic. Hope it’s not an eyesore.. 🙂

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