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Old New Kids On the Block

September 20, 2008

So it is true! Jordan, Donnie, Joe, Jon and Danny are back!

How can I forget them? We were so into them when we were younger.. and I know I loved Jon back then (but is this I am hearing that he is gay?!)

We even sent a note to the fan club, and yes we did receive the generic mail with pictures and their autograph. Too bad I lost the copy two years ago.. Im sure that thing would be so valuable now.. after what? 18 years?

Aren’t they beautiful?

I still remember their videos.. and their dance steps! Haha. We even danced the Cover Girl song back in grade school!

My sister used to borrow betamax tapes from her high school classmate to watch The Kids’ concerts! (yes, the only means back then.. kids are so lucky now to have

Who can forget about their hits..? Please Don’t Go Girl.. This One’s for the Children.. Right Stuff.. Hanging Tough.. and I always love Let’s Try It Again, don’t know why? Haha. And yeah, they did back up for Tommy Page.. and Jon’s girlfriend back then is Tiffany!

I love them! and I love the memories back then.. Nostaligia.

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