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The Complete Listing of Groupons or Group Buying Sites (There’s More Than Just Ensogo and CashCashPinoy)

January 12, 2011

Updated April 7, 2013:

Airlines have treated us with lots of airfare promos; malls and warehouses have blocked our calendars with open houses and sales; brands from shampoos, to lotion and condoms have given us tons of samples of their products. Don’t we Filipinos just loooove Freebies and Great Deals and Discounts?! Yes we do! I do.

Now the internet, Facebook and other social media are being flooded with great deals and discounts from Groupons or Group Buying Sites. These are third party sites which coordinate with establishments like restaurants, bars, hotels, and salons to offer the market great deals of their products usually at 50 to 90% off the regular price. The promos are usually offered on a limited time. Consumer must buy the deal online, pay the price (usually through Credit Card, Paypal or Bank Deposit), print the vouchers and head to the establishment to avail of the great deal. The vouchers are usually valid for 3 to 6 months.
Now, I am listing all existing Groupons or Group Buying Sites in Manila. I suggest that you register NOW (even if you are not interested in the current offer, or what they call Today’s Deal) so you would be notified through email when there is a new deal in each site. Remember, deals are usually good for a limited time/hours. Just click on the image or link so you would be routed to the registration page.

Dealies.Ph [added 5/15/2011] Delivers all the discounts and deals from all the group buying sites!

AtCrazy [added 5/15/2011] – this appears like Pops Fernandez’s site – you can even buy pre-owned bags. [added 5/15/2011] 

YugaDeals – from the popular tech gadget review site, YugaTech comes YugaDeals! Yes, even gadgets can also be bought from Groupon sites! [added 4/17/2011]

 Lucky7 – Register now to win an iPAD2!

 CleverBuy – looks like this site is no longer working.


Plejee – the more users who buy the deal, the more discounts that you would get! –  looks like this site is no longer working. 

CityPoyntsCP Poynts can be redeemed for FREE gifts, prizes and exclusive disclease enter this code as the referral code: 39829d14859d1a93453370008d711539 –  looks like this site is no longer working. – like the page in Facebook as for every fan they add 1 peso in the jar. At the end of the contest, they’ll pick out ONE lucky member who will win the entire cash prize! –  looks like this site is no longer working.

Groupie.Ph – nice name huh? –  looks like this site is no longer working.


TipidIto –  Register to get a chance to win 4D/3N HK and Macau Tour! (added on 2/1/2011!) –  looks like this site is no longer working.

Cuponz –  (added on 2/1/2011!) – no recent deals

Pakyaw – in English, in WholeSale! – This site has partnered with Deal Grocer. 





MetroDeal – there are a lot of offers, but I had a bad experience with this site – check out the Prestige Cruise blog here. 

My Recommended Group Buying Sites and Members-Only Site

Beeconomic – this has partnered with Groupon and has a lot of good offers too.

BrandsFever – not just one great deal, but full range of items from featured merchant on sale!I love this site as they feature high fashion brands!



DealGrocer – this is for more upscale or high end brands and establishments! – is a members-only site featuring discounted items from signature stores and artsy brands (I loove Rags to Riches).

Taste Central – this is my new looove. There are so many great buys from beautiful brands. From furniture, beauty, and food. Love them all. Expect good service and brands because it is partnered with Deal Grocer.

If you are asking me if they are legit. My answer is YES. I have already bought some vouchers from these sites, and I had redeemed them. Just always present your ID in the establishment when using the vouchers. And always call for reservation especially if availing of salon and spa services.

BUT, I would advise that you call the featured merchant first before buying the deal. We have heard of the horror stories of the groupon deals and we don’t want you to be on tomorrow’s headline 😉


If you know other Groupons or Group Buying Sites, let me know.

What are your favorites?

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