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Chocolate Fire: Setting Your Chocolate Cravings on Fire

January 14, 2011

Chocolate Fire has been making a buzz with its very sexy and yummy promotional pics. We have to check out the place and get burned with lots of chocolates and sweets.

Chocolate Fire is located at the corner of Leviste and Rufino Streets in Makati. I would advise that you bring your car or take a cab when visiting the place, as it is not that accessible through public transpo.

What we had for lunch?

Pasta Bolognese at Php340. You get to choose what pasta to use – I prefer penne. Hmm.. there is nothig very special about this pasta, I have to say. I would still prefer my mom’s. But yeah, don’t expect too much, this is not an Italian restaurant and pasta is not their speciality.

Greek Salad at Php200. Fresh tomatoes, cucumber and lots of Feta Cheese! Love it, and it is worth the price. This is a must-try.

Iced Dark Chocolate with Vanilla Ice Cream. I chose Vanilla to compliment the dark chocolate. My friend had Iced Dark Chocolate with Chocolate Ice Cream.

The place is just perfect for intimate get-together or meetings. This is not the place “to-be-seen”, if you know what I mean. But Chocolate Fire has established that profile and it is absolutely a place to check out in Makati – a little something different than the usual cafes and restos in Greenbelt.

This is a self-service restaurant – and you get to choose all the yummy chocolates that are on display in a huge counter (sorry, taking of pics at the counter is not allowed!) Interesting finds – Pringles dipped in Chocolate, chocolate tower and lots and lots of chocolates and goods! A must -try is the chocolate with chili (you can even see the seeds and bits of pepper!)

Here’s the Orange Poppyseed Cake. Just the perfect balance of chocolate and orange with the crispy, rough texture in the mouth.

The service is good, and everyone is accommodating. The guard even lent us lighter (as I have forgotten mine), and he was even suggesting having our pics taken outside for better pictures (that’s so .. err, nice?). There is smoking area outside but not as part of the dining. You can just go down to have a quick smoke.

Let’s go to the washroom – clean with supplies (I am not sure about the men’s room). But I love the artwork. Now you know where to go incase of emergency.

If you are still curious, go and check out the place and find out for yourself what is the “fire” all about!

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