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Weekend at Subic and Fun Thrilling Experience at the Tree Top Adventure

January 18, 2011

Last weekend we headed to Subic to hit the beach and just to say that we had a trip for the month of January. We chose Subic because, first I have never been to Subic, second, we prefer to travel by land, and third, we wanted a budget trip this time (less airfare, and less terminal fees). 

So right after work, (we work on a night shift), we headed to the Victory Liner terminal in Cubao. I had already brought my things with me and I think I was successful in my attempt to travel light. I am not used to commuting through buses, even going around the Metro, I am not very comfy riding a bus. I especially hate long drives without stop-overs. Just the thought of being so far from a restroom gives me panic attacks. Lucky that I am, we had our stop over and I was able to empty my bladder before we traveled for another 1.5 hours.

Express bus travels at 2.5 hours instead of 3.5 hours going to Olangapo.

At the Victory Liner in Olongapo, we were picked up by my friend’s former coworker who happens to own his very own gas station, and whose house is as comfy as a resort house. We were like relatives visiting relatives – we were treated to a lunch (lechon manok and liempo!), we played Playstation, we were serenaded by his daughter, and we were treated like tourists who had our very own tourist guide and driver.

At around 2:00 PM, we were left at Baloy Beach area (where we paid Php30 per head for entrance) and we spent an hour looking for lodging. What we wanted, 1. nightlife (or a place where we can also people-watch)  2. beach front lodging 3. comfy beds. We considered Ocean View but the sea is a little too far from the lodging building itself. Other hotels/resorts are too private that is only for couples and honeymooners. Alot are offering cheap rates, but they do not fit our needs. There is even one resort who has a cheap available room, but the catch is that you would be sharing washrooms with other guests!

I was being too impatient with all the heat and sweat, add to the lack of sleep and caffeine. My attempt to travel light didn’t help because my bag, although lighter than the usual overnight bags that I have brought, was dragging my shoulders and mood. I hate my friend for being too comfy and failed to book/reserve a room. We thought that this time of the year, the resorts were not busy, but I guess people have the same thought of hitting the beach and so everyone, including our group was there.

Until we have decided to settle at Treasure Island Resort. It some meters away from where we stopped, so my friend had to run to reserve the last two rooms available before another group does. So we were able to check in at 3:00 PM. A suite room which is at Php3,900 and a standard room at Php2,700.

There were 5 of us, so the couple occupied the standard room and the 3 of us, stayed in the suite; with one person who slept at the couch. It was her choice, anyway.

I was still mad when we got into the room, so I was not able to take pics of all the angles of the rooms. The bed is made of cement instead of wood/metal, and there is just a matress. Voila! A bed!

There is an LCD TV, and yet another TV in the living room area. Plus couches.

Hot and cold shower, with working flush. But the sink has no drainage and it “swallowed” my earrings with no warning!

Fully stocked minibar (tempting!); and a table and chairs for two.

The best part, it has veranda where you can hang your wet suits, and just smoke and people-watch!

So I don’t want my bad mood to kill everyone’s good mood when we checked in, so in a few minutes I was
on bikinis and we’re ready to hit the beach! It may not be as good as Bora or Coron’s beaches, but this is good than nothing.

The resort has a nice pool too (for washing), and dining area plus bar which is just perfect for relaxing!

At night, another coworker of my friend picked us up and brought us to Lagoon for dinner. The place offers good Filipino food, and cheap Iced Coffee (Php60). Yeah, we had enough of Starbucks in Manila.

Then, we tried the biggest tacos in Subic! Full of tasty ground beef and cheese. Best buy at Php85!

We went back to the resort to relax and try the cocktails – I have to say they serve Blow Job differently. Whipped cream on top, and not flaming, but creamy! Haha.

Blow Job at Php180! The cheapest Blow Job I know! But for some, you can get it for free. You just have to be friends with the bartender! 😉

Margarita which tasted like Lime Juice at Php120

The following morning, we hit the beach and just take a lot of pictures. It was freezing cold, there was no sun, the sand is gray and the sea waves are somewhat wild.

We had brunch at the resort. What’s for eats?

Pasta – yummy sauce, but the pasta itself is a little soggy. (Php200)

Omelette with cheese! You can make your own Omelette – Ham (Php20), Ham (Php140), Cheese (Php40) plus Mushroom (Php30)

Pizza – yummy pepperoni pizza! (Php410) – good for three!

Fish Fillets – something healthy! (Php210)

Then, we just had the right time to prepare our bags and check out. There has been a little commotion when the Housekeeping insisted that we took something from the minibar – (a bottled water – 2 gulps empty). My friend was a little hysterical, (I understand. We paid a good amount of money for lodging, drinks and food – and we wouldn’t skip and not pay for a bottled water). The point is we DID NOT take or drink anything from the minibar. We know too well how crazy the prices are in the minibar. Who ever is at fault? We don’t know. They should have checked the minibar prior to giving the room. On our part, my friends could have checked the minibar. I did in our room – and there is no pricelist – but I have to mention, theirs is complete with water, juices, chocolate drinks, sodas and alcohol.

We asked where did she (Housekeeping) find the bottle (meaning, where in the room? table? chair? bed? washroom?). She was so ready to fight and said, sa room! The girl who was in the reception (must be a manager-trainee) just agreed to let it go, and signed a receipt. We didn’t pay for the bottled water. We are willing to pay, but we are firm in saying, we didn’t drink anything.

So anyway, we headed to Tree Top Adventure. Tricycle ride to the main rode (Php20), jeepney to Victory Liner station (Php7), and van service that we had contracted for Php350 (for the 5 of us, plus luggage storage in the van.

When we got to the Tree Top Adventure site, we can hear people screaming – coming from the Rappelling Free Fall post.

There was a short briefing and picture taking – then we’re off to the Cashier to pay for the rides. We signed the waiver and we were ready to take the rides!

Some rides were closed due to windy weather (as they say), but I suspect this is due to lack of manpower.

What was available?

Superman (Php200) – the famous zipline

Silver Surfer (Php250) – yes, like surfing in the air. This is the most awesome ride IMO.

Tree-Drop Adventure (Php150) – that is falling in the tree at good 60-ft high, face down!

I would suggest that you take the Tree-Drop Adventure as the last ride – Superman is very secure and safe. This is just a short ride (I am still dreaming of the Danao’s Zip Line which is at good 1km – in between mountains).

Here’s the pic of my friends riding the zipline:

My friend’s former coworker suspended, waiting to be dropped down 60-feet from the ground.

The “rides” are really cheap and the staff are very friendly, accommodating and funny! One funny remark:

Maam, kelangan magsuot ng helmet para pag bagsak, sumabog ang utak, madaling maglinis, hindi kalat!

It seems that they are really enjoying their jobs. They are so funny and witty with those banters which I think aims to make the guests feel comfy and relaxed. But you cannot relax with the thought of smashing your face on the ground despite there is a matress waiting for the next victim.

Although we have our cameras with us, we still took the printed pics of our “falls”. Most expensive is Php200 per print 6×8 size with no frame. You may choose if you want with borders, but all pics come with the Tree Top Adventure logo.

They take good pics, but you have to sport your best “fall” reaction!

When we got to the photo booth, the staff were telling me I got such a good shot. When I checked, yeah, my mouth is all open and my face was stretched with tension suspended in the air, arms stretched as if I were flying. If that is their definition of good – I don’t want to argue with them.

You better check out this spot and do not be left behind. If you are the type who is a neophyte in adventure, pack and go. If you want extremes, better head to Danao for the Zipline and the Plunge.

Before heading home, we dropped by PureGold Duty Free, and I took home chocolates. I wanted to buy more, but I don’t want the hassle of boarding bags and carrying them all back home.

It was a fun weekend. And yes, we did something new which is the goal in every trip.  We can leave bad moods and bad vibes in the Metro!

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