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Mt. Mayon ATV Adventure | Legazpi, Albay

June 4, 2022
Mayon ATV ADventure

Heading back from where we started our Bicol trip, we geared up and prepared for the Mayon ATV Adventure in Legazpi, Albay.

Mt Mayon viewing caters to different types of travelers. For those who want a relaxed and slow approach, they can try the bamboo raft ride at Sumlang Lake. For the thrill-seekers, you have to add Mt. Mayon ATV Adventure ride in your travel itinerary.

Mt. Mayon ATV Adventure

Zac Efron can attest to the fun experience of riding the ATV! In front of the Your Brother Travel and Tours is a tarp of the famous Hollywood actor riding an all-terrain vehicle.


There are different packages that starts at Php 599 (30 minutes). Check out the site below.

How to Book ATV Mt. Mayon Volcano Adventure:

Check out Your Brother Travel and Tours
Address: Located just at the back of Lignon Hill Nature Park along the Diversion Road of Legazpi city at Brgy. Pawa of Legazpi
Contact Details: Phone no. (052) 472-9871


Depending on the driving skills and group size, but for ours, it took us 4 hours (we are more than 20 pax)

My Mt. Mayon ATV Adventure Experience

Before all the fun rides and bumpy terrains, we first attended the briefing. It is important to remember safety first at all times – to wear the helmet, be mindful of other ATV drivers, and know that it is not a race.

Mt. Mayon ATV Adventure Briefing

We then started gearing up and chose our ride from the parked ATVs.

I have previous experience riding an ATV, but to be really safe, I acquainted myself again with the break and gas buttons. After making sure that we are all set – we started our engines and off we go!

Mt. Mayon ATV Adventure

It was liberating to be riding my own vehicle, but at the same time, I was feeling nervous to be on my own. Thankfully, the local guides and staff are everywhere (riding with some of the other participants) to guide each one when they are faced with challenging trails.

Mt. Mayon ATV Adventure

We passed by grasslands, river streams, and bumpy trails. It was rather rough and dirty, but the consistent view is the beauty of Mt. Mayon.

It was a challenge to take out my phone to take photos – as I wanted to focus on the safety of my driving.

Mt. Mayon ATV Adventure

When we reached the end of the trail, we parked our ATVs and had a quick water break.

What was waiting for us next was the Lava Wall.

Mt. Mayon ATV Adventure

The local guide told us to walk up quickly to not miss the sunset. When we reached the end of the Lava Wall, we had to hike up the loose lava rocks to get to the helipad for the best view of the Mt. Mayon.

Mt Mayon appeared dark, yet beautiful.

Mt. Mayon ATV Adventure

After the quick photo session with the team, it was time to go back down. There is an option to do a zipline going down (for a Php 300 fee), but our team decided to go by foot. We had to be extra careful as it was getting darker, and the rocks are sharp and pointy. Thankfully, I made it back safe and unscartched. I was only wearing my pair of Havaianas because my shoes’ sole bid goodbye before the start of the ATV ride.

Mt. Mayon ATV Adventure

On our drive back to the main camp, we took a different trail – the main road where we drove with regular vehicles, including trucks. Mt. Mayon was still in the background view during the night journey.

Travel Tips:

Dropping some travel tips that you may find helpful:

  1. Wear comfortable clothes. I wore shorts and dri-fit shirt (and sports bra). If you have hiking slippers, better to use them as the trail can get you wet and dirty. It is not really advisable to wear closed shoes, but you need good hiking pair/or shoes with good traction for the lava wall hike.
  2. I used a sling bag the entire trip which I kept in front of me the whole drive. I find it easier to access my phone through it especially if you are traveling solo.
  3. When faced with challenging trails – like downward slopes or uphill trails, wait for the guide to assist you in how to navigate. When I first encountered a downward slope, I waited for the guide (caring less if the ATV ahead of me was meters away – it was not a race). Always think of your safety and the safety of others.
  4. Just enjoy the ride!

The Mt. Mayon ATV Adventure is truly a must-do in Bicol!

Please include in your Bicol Itinirerary and experience the closest you can get to Mt. Mayon!

Thank you to the Tourism Promotions Board for having me!

Thank you to @renassans, Nomadic Experiences, and Sir Noel Amata for the photos.

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