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Mt. Mayon View from Sumlang Lake

May 5, 2022

We all learned about Mt. Mayon Volcano back in grade school, and it was through the glossy postcards from our favorite bookstore that we got to first appreciate its perfect shape cone.

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Mt. Mayon Volcano is hailed as the world’s most perfect volcanic cone. Somehow, Mt. Mayon has become our inspiration whenever we draw mountains on an empty sketch pad. Its symmetry is remarkable. When we studied volcanoes and everything “anyong lupa” back in grade school, I remember feeling so scared of volcanoes. Maybe, the thought of deadly eruptions was too much for my young mind. But things and perscpectives change as we grow older. Flying from Manila to Legazpi, Albay got me so excited at the thought of seeing Mt. Mayon in person.

Tourism Promotions Board Bicol

I traveled with the Tourism Promotions Board of the Philippines for a 6-day trip #PTIPBicol2022 where we explored the Bicol Region, its flavors, and hidden gems. For our first destination, we landed in Legazpi, Albay. As soon as we left the airport, we could already see the stunning Mt. Mayon welcoming us to the city.

Legazpi Airport

Based on Philippine Legends, Mt. Mayon was named after Magayon. Magayon is a beautiful maiden who died with her love, Ulap while fighting against his rival. A mountain sprang from where they were buried, and it is now called Mt. Mayon. Magayon means “beautiful”, and it is perfectly fitting to describe the majestic volcano.

The locals said that it is very rare for Mt. Mayon to show her full view. We were indeed very lucky (and thankful to Ulap) for allowing us to enjoy the day with Mt. Mayon.

Sumlang Lake Mt Mayon View
Sumlang Lake Mt Mayon View
Sumlang Lake Mt Mayon View
Sumlang Lake Mt Mayon View

We headed to Sumlang Lake where we got to enjoy the grandeur of Mt. Mayon. Sumlang Lake is a quiet place perfect for relaxation, or learning more about Albay’s culture. We got to learn about traditional abaca stripping and weaving, as well as the preparation of native food – Pinangat. The best part of it, we got the view of Mt. Mayon.

Tourists can book a tour in Sumlang Lake via Klook.

It is nice to see the local agriculture recovering while providing livelihood to the locals. Witnessing how complex and intricate the process is for abaca stripping and weaving made me appreciate the product more.

Pinangat is a traditional recipe from Bicol made of taro leaves. fish (sardines, tuna), chili flakes and coconut milk. It is wrapped and cooked/simmered with coconut milk.

We also tried the Balsa Ride which is a relaxing way to enjoy the view of Mt. Mayon. I would tell you soon about a thrilling way to experience Mt. Mayon!

It is nice to travel again with blogger friends and meet new friends!

Travel Bloggers Sumlang Lake Mt Mayon View

with Katreese, Aleona, Milet, Junery, Marky and Ferdz

Insta 360 Sumlang Lake Mt Mayon View

photo by @ironwulf

I am out of words to describe Mt. Mayon, but I know she’s beautiful. The most active volcano in the Philippines, but truly beautiful. It is ironic that I didn’t feel scared when I saw her in real life. Probably because it is comforting to be in the company of locals who adore her so much. I am just full of amazement and admiration that something so grand sits in our country – dominating the city of Legazpi, Albay.

Sumlang Lake Mt Mayon View

Ticking this off my bucket list. I cannot wait to share more stories!

You can travel from Manila to Legazpi, Albay via plane (Philippine Airlines or Cebu Pacific), or via Bus (12-hour drive). You can check this site out for schedules and rates.

Ruth dela Cruz Sumlang Lake Mt Mayon View

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To be continued…

Thank you to the Tourism Promotions Board of the Philippines for having me on this trip!

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