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Ticao Island Hopping | Masbate (Halea Nature Park, Catandayagan Falls, Borobongkaso Rock Formation)

May 10, 2022

From our little adventure in Donsol, we traveled to Ticao Island and discovered beautiful tourist spots in Masbate.

Masbate is known as the Rodeo Capital of the Philippines for its annual Rodeo Festival featuring various cattle events. The province is one of the oldest settlements in the Philippines (dating 4000-1000 BC!) during the Bronze Age.

Masbate truly has hidden gems to offer its visitors. On our Day 3 of #PTIPBicol2022, we explored different islands in Ticao and fell in love with its beautiful beaches, rock formations and waterfalls.

Halea Nature Park

Our first stop is the Halea Nature Park. Approaching the island from the boat, I already fell in love with its beauty – clear, calm seawater, white powdery sand, lush greens, and towering rocks. The marine life is another story to share. From the shoreline, you can snorkel and see various sea species. If you are lucky, you can even see and swim with baby sharks.

Approaching Halea Nature Park Ticao Island, Masbate
Travel bloggers enjoying Buko Juice at Halea Nature Park in Ticao Island, Masbate
Snorkeling with Baby Sharks Halea Nature Park,  Ticao Island Masbate

Halea Nature Park is an ideal beach for different beach personalities – you can just sit by the shoreline, sunbathe or go snorkeling/freediving.

Catandayagan Falls

Our next stop is the Catandayagan Falls. It is a fascinating falls that drop from 60-feet directly to the sea. It looks so graceful and beautiful from the distance, but the waterfalls and waves range when you go to the water.

Our boatmen parked our boat strategically on the side where we got a beautiful view of Catandayagan Falls.

Catandayagan Falls, Ticao Island Masbate 2022 Blog

I make sure that I experienced the entirety of the falls, and swam with the girls.

Borobongkaso Rock Formation

The Borobongkaso islet seemed to stand out as we approached it, with its interesting rock formations that seem like someone stack them together.

Borobongkaso  Rock Formation Blog Ticao Island Hopping

In this small island of Borobongkaso, you can swim by the shoreline, or climb the rocks. The girls and I decided to climb and check the view from the other side of the island. I enjoyed the view of the sea that seem to glitter under the sun.

Borobongkaso  Rock Formation Blog Ticao Island Hopping

Aside from island-hopping, you can also visit colonial houses in Ticao, or go diving in Manta Bowl.

The Philippines, being an archipelago truly has a lot of interesting destinations and tourist spots that uniquely represent each province/region.

How to Get to Ticao Island, Masbate?

From Manila, you can fly via Cebu Pacific to Masbate. It usually takes around 1 hour and 35 minutes. You may also take a bus from Manila to Masbate which takes around 15 hours. You can check out the schedule and more information via

How to Book a Ticao Island Hopping Tour?

You may contact Donsol Ecotour via [email protected] or check out the Facebook Page:

Where to Stay? Ticao Island Resort

After a full day of island hopping, we sailed to the Ticao Island Resort where we were welcomed by the locals and cute doggo!

Ticao Island Resort Blog Review Masbate

We stayed in a Beachfront Cabana where we got easy access to the beach, as well as front seat to enjoy the sunset and sunrise. We had a very tight schedule and itinerary, and it was nice to have time to just relax and sit by the hammock outside the cabana and just take the beauty in.

Ticao Island Resort Blog Review Masbate
Ticao Island Resort Blog Review Masbate

We have a very spacious room that allows us to move freely – even the toilet is very spacious (with hot and cold shower and toiletries). I think the only concern would be the wifi/internet signal. But it is the thought of being on a secluded island that makes Ticao Island Resort more charming.

Ticao Island Resort Blog Review Masbate

Ticao Island Resort offers 3 types of accommodations: De Luxe Fan Room, Budget Room and Beachfront Cabana. Interestingly, all resort guests are entitled to free pony riding and kayaking around the resort.

I wish we had more time to do the activities, but Ana (my roomie!) and I decided to just lounge in the room.

Other Activities in Ticao Island Resort:

Kayak: Free for guests

Pony Ride Php 300

Motorcycle Tour Php 1,300/person

Fishing with local Php 600/person

Firefly River Tour Php 300

Island Tour North Ticao Php 9,000/boat

Island Tour South Ticao Php 12,000/boat

Ticao Island Resort prepared a festive dinner for the guests. In the Philippines, when we talk about feast, lechon is always present on the buffet table. For dessert, we were served special flavoured ice cream. I had Chocolate Tablea Ice Cream, while the others had Buko Pandan and Mango.

Tablea Ice Cream Ticao Island Resort Blog Review Masbate

For breakfast, we enjoyed special Omelette (with everything in it, include chili peppers – Bicol’s signature ingredient). I had a relaxing time during our stay in Ticao Island Resort and I wish to go back for a more chill stay.

Sunrise at Ticao Island Resort Blog Review Masbate

We sailed the following morning as we set for a new adventure to new destinations – Bulan and Matnog

Thank you to the Tourism Promotions Board for having me on this trip.

To be continued…

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