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Staycation at Sunlight Eco-Tourism Island Resort, Palawan

January 15, 2022

Two years after my last domestic travel, I found a true island luxury escape at Sunlight Eco-Tourism Island Resort in Culion, Palawan. It is an 18-hectare resort on Naglayan Island that offers different amenities and activities. It is a beautiful tourist destination in Palawan to recharge and reset – something that I didn’t realize that I needed.


CORON, PALAWAN: Travel Requirements, Where to Stay and Things to Do

CULION, PALAWAN: The Land of No Return

We traveled for 45 minutes via speedboat from Sunlight Hotel in Coron to Sunlight Eco-Tourism Island Resort. We were fortunate to arrive with sunny skies, and see the beautiful resort surrounded by clear waters. We stayed in the resort during the time that Typhoon Odette hit the country, and although there were some changes in our original itinerary, I am happy to have spent our last night in Palawan in Sunlight Eco-Tourism Island Resort.

Drone Shots by @txcjosh

Blue skies, clear waters, warm smiles, and refreshing welcome drinks. When we arrived, we got to tour the property and see the different villa accommodations, facilities including an infinity pool, white beaches (there are 3!), cafe and restaurant, and even gym and spa. We enjoyed our quick tour via the buggy ride, and we were soon dropped off to our villas after lunch.

Sunlight Eco-Tourism Island Resort is known for its overwater villas. Depending on which villa you would be assigned, you can enjoy the view of the sunrise, or sunset. Then, there is the Sirakan Villas perfect for honeymooners, or for the rich aunties/uncles who would just love to have a great time.

Sirakan Villa Photos by @teamoutoftownblog

Our Room in Sunlight Eco-Tourism Island Resort

We were assigned to a Duplex VIlla and I shared a room with @paxieness. It is a villa with a shared walkway and veranda perfect for late-night talks with your “neighbor”. On the other room is where @sephcham and @tricenagusara stayed in.

The room is spacious with twin beds, hot and cold shower, TV and AC, mini-bar, and safety box. I really love the high ceiling and spacious area that allows guests to still have space and privacy even for a shared room. The place is still well maintained even with the moisture (from seawater) and humidity.

As soon as we checked in and settled, we stayed on the veranda and just enjoyed the view. I stayed a little longer to appreciate the peace and quiet, and I didn’t realize that I fell asleep. It was a good nap that re-charged me (us). I found Paxie sleeping inside the room, too.

Things to Do in Sunlight Eco-Tourism Island Resort

We only had the afternoon free so we decided to spend it on the beach. We found our spot and just take a dip, and talk and laugh. They say that when you love what you do (your job), you wouldn’t need a vacation from it; and it rings true to how I feel about the things that I do. But I also agree that the ocean heals the heart, mind, and soul.

Never mind that I am not beach-ready (I am so proud of my gains from the quarantine food- I just love eating!).

We quickly freshened up and changed to catch the sunset. It is a beautiful pastel canvas.

The moonrise is another beautiful sight.

We ended the night with dinner by the beach.

Well, we actually stayed until one in the morning in our villa’s veranda and just shared stories.

Sunlight Eco-Tourism Island Resort serves good food and drinks. I rarely eat desserts/sweets, but what they served us are just so good not to enjoy. The resort truly offers a relaxing vacation experience.

In the morning, we had a quick breakfast with a view of the beach. I usually skip breakfast, but not when on vacation/workcation. I also didn’t want to miss the chance of enjoying the morning view, far different from the usual scene I enjoy at home. There are wait staff attending to the buffet tables to ensure compliance with safety and health protocols. I especially love the fried danggit.

I am grateful to have this workcation/quick escape.

I cannot wait to discover other places in our beautiful country. For now, staying home and looking back at this beautiful memory.

Check out the Sunlight Eco-Tourism Island Resort on Facebook to book a villa.

Thank you to Tourism Promotions Board, MIMAROPA and Team Out of Town Blog for having me!

*All participants in this tour are tested negative in the COVID-19 RT-PCR Test and are fully vaccinated. 

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