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Bucket List: Swim Like a Mermaid

April 30, 2018
Bucket List: Swim Like a Mermaid 

Unlike most of the girls and women that I know, I never dreamed of becoming a mermaid or a princess when I was a little girl.  Maybe I am weird.  I guess, at a young age, I just know what “fantasies” are real  – or may happen. I remember imagining myself attending fun parties and going to different places.

featured photo taken by @popazrael

But somehow, the universe allowed me to live a girl’s dream. I became a mermaid. It is as if the universe is reminding me that when you (refuse to) believe in something, the stars will conspire anyway to make you feel/believe/see/become it.
Bucket List: Swim Like a Mermaid Mermaid Swimming school Philippines

Photo by @rodelflordeliz

… and so I was transformed into a mermaid. I always knew it is not easy being a mermaid (especially for someone who doesn’t know how to swim). First, getting into the mermaid’s tail is already a struggle (I wish it were easy as rubbing a shell just like how we see it in the movies). Swimming and flipping my tail under the water gives a good leg exercise. You need to be strong and patient. Good thing, the merman (who traded his fins to legs) is very patient.
So yes, I became a mermaid. The best thing about it is, they didn’t ask me to sing.
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