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BUM Equipment: Getting to Know the Brand Through Bloggers Night

April 9, 2011

I am not really the type of woman who can pull off a street wear, that’s my biggest fashion challenge. Even when I was a teen, my friends would wear low-waisted pants and hanging top, while I wear flared pants and sleeveless tops, sometimes baby tees. I grew up wearing clothes from different brands, and although I am familiar with BUM Equipment, I know I do not have a single piece of clothing from the brand.

When I got the invite to attend the Bloggers Night, I said yes and signed up. First, I was curious about the product and I want to know more about them. It’s time to know this brand (although I am no longer a teen) and even if I am no longer part of their target market. Second, I came across their Facebook Page and found out that they are holding a contest. Third, it is time to get to know other bloggers. 
So last Friday night (April 8th), we gathered at Dulcinea in Tomas Morato for the BUM Equipment’s Bloggers Night. I am kinda impressed with the whole BUM Equipment Team. They are very accommodating and they welcomed every guests as if we were VIPs. Days before that, they are consistent in sending invites and reminders. I even got text reminding me of the event, and one call that I missed to answer.
After the registration, my pic was taken (like a true gala! Haha) and we were given 3 stickers to post and vote  our favorite blogs. I found a hard time thinking where to put the stickers (I have some blogger friends), but Trust and Personal Responsibility that I have learned from my company, I put the stickers to the blogs that I really follow and like. I wonder if anyone actually voted for me? I found out that some actually exchanged votes! Waah.. 
While waiting for the other bloggers to come, I took the time to know more about the products. I love the backdraft which is a collage of the shirts of BUM Equipment. First thing that I checked is the quality of the shirt. It is of nice stretch and not “manipis”. Then the printing – it is solid and the designs are so in, not the type of statement shirts that you see in the flea market. Finally, I checked the price – Php499 for a shirt. It is a good buy. I just wonder if they have my size?
We were treated with a buffet dinner. The food is good and such an “abundance”! As much as I want to eat and be a glutton, I have this “sickness” that I always feel full when I am infront of the buffet table. 🙁
The program started with an introduction of the BUM Equipment. I know the brand as the famous sponsor of teens and those from That’s Entertainment 😉 For the curious readers, here is the video presentation. 
I actually love the concept. It is true and the reality. I must have felt the same way when I was on my teens. My parents never allowed me to go out and they even confiscated my phone for being such a rebel. I went to parties without their consent. I felt that I could take care of myself. But I am just glad that those things are so over. I am wiser now. I would like to think 😉
It is nice that there is such a brand that supports and understands teens’ rants and frustrations; and the better way to do that is through an online contest.
The contest involves voting, but for those who are haters of Most Likes contests, worry not. The team is working on voting online that it sends the IP Address of the voter. If you have further questions or clarifications, you may post it on the BUM Equipment’s wall.

The event was graced with the presence of Dino Imperial. He is one of the endorsers of the brand. True to the theme of the contest, he shared his story. For the curious readers, he doesn’t really have a bad side (or he just refused to share), you may however catch him in Immortal (teleserye shown in ABS-CBN2) 
Bloggers were even given the chance to ask questions. One asked for his fashion style – he said he likes matching caps and shirts, or matching caps and shoes. There should always something matching on his outfit. True to that, he came with matching belt and bracelet. 
Another blogger asked if he would be open to design for BUM Equipment, he just gave a devilish smile to the Brand Manager, and sure the answer is “why not?”.

A question was asked regarding a controversial issue that Filipinos are not Fashion-Forward, and he shared his view saying that maybe some Filipinos just don’t know their styles, and not informed at all. Yes, I agree on that.
Bloggers checking and deciding what shirt to buy for the contest!
The event ended with the announcement of winners of the blog voting contest and group photo op. It was a fun event. 
The typical scene in bloggers events – you have to be fast and quick in getting the best pic!
Decided to take this pic of photgraphers!
Please join the contest and let your story be heard! Check out the details here:
Thank you BUM Equipment Family and Dulcinea for the fun event. Thank you for letting me know more about your products and thank you for the voodoo doll! 😉

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