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Magnolia Ice Cream Summer Party: It’s Hot Yet Cold

April 4, 2011

I pity the kids today as they are not growing up enjoying the most delicious ice cream I had enjoyed when I was a kid. Thanks to the Goddess of Sweets! Magnolia is back! Yes, the same brand which gives us the Magnolia Chocolait that we used to buy in a glass bottle, is back not with vengeance, but with brilliance.

Magnolia invited bloggers last Friday (April 1st), in the gates of San Miguel Corporation for the Magnolia Summer Party. The summer is indeed cold that night as bloggers (straight from iBlog7) came to the event in their most fun and delicious summer attire (sorry to disappoint you, bikinis are not allowed!).

That’s the room in blazing blue and neon lights where bloggers got hot and cold!

Even staff and organizers had fun!

Before the program proper, guests and bloggers were treated to a festive dinner buffet. I was not able to get the name of the caterer or if this is from San Miguel or Magnolia, but the food is great. I love the tacos/taquitos, and the pasta.

Yes, I am on a diet 😉

The party was hosted by the pretty Rizza Diaz. The event started with a heart-thumping performance by the Velasco Brothers. I am not actually familiar with these brothers, although I have a strong liking for the surname Velasco. The Velasco Brothers won the Pilipinas Got Talent Contest. What can I say (or scream?), these brothers are good! Despite the small floor to dance and move, their performance is worthy of a standing ovation.

Let’s raise the roof?!

The short introduction of Magnolia through a video presentation came soon after and then Magnolia’s General Manager, Mr. Mayo Alcon’s talk. It has enlighten me that in 2004, San Miguel has bought back the Magnolia Ice Cream brand from Nestle. San Miguel Corporation is the biggest food company in South East Asia. During this time, they released the flavors that made them number 1 – Chocolate, Vanilla, Rocky Road, Cheese, Ube, etc.

Bloggers watched attentively for the Magnolia introduction

It is a challenge for Magnolia to get the number 1 ranking again from Selecta (Nestle is ranking number two for the Ice Cream Battle). But with the new plant for Magnolia Ice Cream and new offerings, I know that this is not impossible. A tip from Mr. Mayo, if you want to know if an ice cream brand is good, always taste its Vanilla Flavor. It is the base flavor and if its Vanilla is good, then the rest of the flavors should also be as good.

One of the questions asked by one of the bloggers is if Magnolia would again introduce the popular Flavor of the Month. He said that it might cost more, but instead, they made it seasonal. First season, they featured the Guimaras Mango Festival with two flavors – Manga’t Kasuy and Mangoes & Cream. The tubs are designed with scenic views of Guimaras. Last time, they made tie up with Good Shepherd with the launching of Ube-flavored ice cream.

That night, Magnolia introduced 5 Frozen Delights that made me think and reminisce of my good childhood days. Popsies (Php11.00), Pinipig Crunch (Php13.00), Sweetie Bites (Php11.00), Fun Bar (Php10.00), and and the new product – Spinner (Php20.00).

Drumstick? That’s for Fried Chicken!
Bite, and spin!

I love the Spinner in chocolate flavor, as it is not too sweet. It is good cold sweet fix for only Php20. Although, I was expecting more chocolate covering on top, and a chocolate base when I finished the cone – but hey, at least I do not need to worry about too much sugar intake. You know how some ice creams are too sweet they are painful to your throat that you feel like sugar crystals are scratching your throat? Magnolia is nothing like that.

The Popsies are good too! I love that it is like a frozen juice, and not just a colored chunk of ice. The same with Sweet Bites and other frozen delights.

One thing I have notice about Magnolia is, it is not too sweet and the “feel” in the mouth is smooth. It has body and creamy – even for products like frozen delights.

The event was highlighted by ice-cream eating contest, raffles (in which Magnolia gave away vouchers for Ice Cream parties for 3 lucky winners), awarding of the Best in Costume (I was not able to take pics, because I was one of the winners! :D) and sampling of the new products.

Ice Cream Eating Contest
The new look of the Magnolia Sales Rep 😉
It was such a successful event. This was the first time I said no for the third serving of ice cream. Before the event ended, Velasco Brothers once again gave us heart-attacks with their dance and stunts.
We all wonder how he would go down..

As a treat to the guests and bloggers who attended, we were given this wonderful package full of frozen delights and name bracelet (don’t forget the fun pictures from the photobooth!).

Artsy with bracelets!

What a great surprise!

 Thanks for the wonderful event Magnolia, and thank you for coming back to our lives.

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