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Magnolia Ice Cream Gold Label New Flavors

November 2, 2021

I grew up with Magnolia Ice Cream. I remember enjoying a tub of Magnolia Ice Cream on a Sunday afternoon with my siblings. Rocky Road being my favorite flavor. Looking back now, I think that is one of the gold moments in my simple life.

As I grew older and experienced new flavors and things, I still and always go back to Magnolia Ice Cream as one of my favorites. I am glad that the golden moment arrived, last October 26th, Magnolia Ice Cream introduced the NEW Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream, now made with fresh carabao’s milk which makes it creamy and is Certified pure with no artificial flavors.

Magnolia Ice Cream, just like its variety of flavors has a rich history.

Since 1925, Magnolia has always been a well-loved and world-class brand that holds a huge part of our culture. Do you guys remember school field trips to Magnolia Factory House?

Reinventing its way to reach their gold standard, they’re taking ice cream to the next level with new flavors like Wintermelon Milk Tea and Tablea Yema. They also came up with these 2 unique new flavors that are delightful as the sound of their names suggest—Choco Peanut Butter made with the beloved and authentic Skippy Peanut Butter and the S’mores made with premium vanilla ice cream blended with graham bits and toasted marshmallows swirled with dark chocolate fudge. Just typing the description feels like an indulgent moment.

To reveal event which was streamed live was graced by Marvin Agustin and Happy Ongpauco-Tiu, who shared their golden moments and their love for the new Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream’s sweet indulgence. Both chefs and restaurateurs, Marvin and Happy described how they meet the gold standard when it comes to their restaurants. For Marvin, it was quality, consistency, & pure hard work; while for Happy, it is important to reinvent without sacrificing the quality and service. Marvin’s favorite flavors are Double Dutch and Rocky Road, which are the staple flavors in their family celebrations. But recently, he has been fond of the indulgent Quadruple Chocolate and the new Choco Peanut Butter. While for Happy, the Tablea Yema and S’mores top her list.

Beauty queen Megan Young also joined in the celebration. As an ice cream lover herself, tasting the lush creaminess of the new Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream made her reminisce about her golden moment: being crowned as the country’s first and only Miss World!

I enjoy listening to Megan and Mikael’s podcast/Youtube videos, and I cannot wait to re-create her version of Affogatto with the Magnolia Ice Cream Vanilla Flavor. Next on my dessert is also Megan’s fave, the Taro White Cheese.

The golden celebration won’t be complete without Olympic Gold Medalist, Hidilyn Diaz who shared that the new Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream for her is a taste of success and that she reserves her cheat days to enjoy this. I am with her on this. So much respect for her discipline in training and winning the Gold Medal.

For Hidilyn her favorite flavors is the luscious Mango Dark Chocolate and Kesong Puti. I love that she is very adventurous when it comes to ice cream flavors.

Alden Richards also joined the event. As he reinvents himself as a singer, actor, gamer and content creator, he relates this to the new Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream being very courageous in introducing new flavors that’s unique yet caters to the standard of Filipino taste. Just like him, I am excited to try the Avocado Macchiato.

I always advocate taking one’s time and making every moment golden. Oftentimes, I romanticize my life, taking beautiful photos and indulging in the moment. I already tried the new Magnolia Ice Cream S’mores flavor, and it is divine! It is creamier and flavorful. I love the play of different textures of ingredients. I think I could finish the whole tub!

Now we can all get to try the premium new Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream since they have a Christmas promo just in time to make our holiday celebrations GOLDEN! Get a 1.3L tub of the new Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream for only P295 starting this November 1 until December 31, 2021!

Shop Magnolia Gold Ice Cream at supermarkets and grocery stores, or online via San Miguel Frozen & Chilled on Shopee and Lazada, The SMC Hub and other online partners. Follow Magnolia Ice Cream Philippines on Facebook for updates.

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