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La Preciosa: A Precious Restaurant in Laoag, Ilocos [Review]

March 31, 2011

The series of my blog posts regarding my trip in Ilocos is not done yet. I still have alot of experiences, discoveries and stories to share.

After a tiring trip in Pagudpud, it is time to discover what the Ilocanos are cooking in the kitchen? We checked out the La Preciosa Restaurant in Laoag to find out.

The place is like an old house complete with veranda and wood staircase. I was not able to read anything about this place or any restaurant in Ilocos, so I came without any expectations – except to fill in a hungry stomach.

I love the ambiance, it is cozy and relaxing – as if I am staying in my lola’s place.

What to Eat?

We tried Ilocos’ famous, Puqui-puqui (it’s like an eggplant omellette with tomatoes on watery side). I know, it has such a risque name!

We also had the pork chop with crispy skin (and they didn’t disappoint me – it was crunchy like chicharon!).

We wanted to taste more of the Ilocano specialties, but we had already tasted the BagBet (Bagnet and Pinakbet in Northview). We don’t want to order too much since there was only two of us, and choosing between sleeping and food-tripping, I would prefer the former.

Before we eat and declare our judgement, we took pictures of the food first. The family on the next table noticed us and asked us if we are tourists/travelers. The mom was kind enough to “offer their food” – so we took some shots of what they had ordered.


We wanted to try the Chocolate Cake, so we ordered one slice, but we were a bit disappointed. It was dry and the ganache (or icing) is too for-kid-type-of-icing. We were thinking if the cake was some days old, OR if it has been stored for a long time in a very cold chiller.

 We asked the waiter to heat the cake in the microwave for a few seconds (a trick that we learned some years ago), so that it would somehow moisten. The waiter was a bit hesistant to grant the request – probably thinking that we’re tired and mad, and hungry that we have lost our minds. The waiter came back after a few minutes. At least the cake became more edible with a cup of hot coffee.

Total Bill: Err… please allow me to update this post with the total bill and amount of food. I kinda lost the receipt. ๐Ÿ˜€ But here is the shot of the menu:

Service: The staff is friendly but the service is slow. I have to say slow because there wasn’t much guests in the restaurants when we visited but the waiters were not very quick in attending to the guests’ needs. Or, I think the best term is understaffed – you would get a good neck exercise looking for waiters and servers. The place claims to be a fine dining restaurant, so the expectation is that there should always be a waiter present next to the table refilling waters and knowing what you need without you telling it. Overall, I think the service is acceptable, it is slow but acceptable. Nothing to complain. The staff is friendly and can answer questions regarding the food and restaurant.

Crowd: Families, lovers and friends. Lovers – there was a gay couple on the next table. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Dresscode: I just found out after checking the net that it is a fine dining restaurant. I came in my denim skirt and shirt, and they allowed me in. Come as you are!

Accessibility: From the Laoag Municipality, you can take tricycle and pay only Php50. You may find the map below helpful.

You can park in front of the restaurant.

Payment Options: I paid in Cash, but I saw a signage that they do accept Visa and Mastercard.

Low Lights: Except for a rather slow service, I just do not understand why they used the table napkin as placemat? I just find it weird.

Washroom: One room for ladies, although it has good fixtures, it needs a little more maintenance, and washroom supply.

The Verdict?

It is affordable and I would recommend for those who would visit Ilocos. The place is not just a restaurant but a store too. Plus, it has such a nice restaurant design and displays.

La Preciosa Fine Dining and Catering Services

Rizal St., Laoag City, Ilocos Norte, 2900 Philippines
Telefax +63.77.777.5130.
Telephone Nos: +63.77.773.1162, +63.77.773.2159

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