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Media Launch: Mitchie’s Chef’s Classics Collection from Sunnex

March 27, 2011

Everytime I would visit department stores, I always spend most of my time in the Kitchenware (that is, after checking out the Accessories area ;)).

I love checking out new gadgets, new kitchen tools and new designs for cookware. I have this certain attachment and liking for cookware and kitchen tools – simply because they had been part of my 4 years in College. Plus, I always imagine how they would make cooking more fun and efficient – and how they would fit in our kitchen.

Sunnex, one of my favorite brands has cooked a new collection for moms and chefs and foodies (yes, the prime beneficiaries are foodies!). Media practitioners and writers from well-known magazines, together with selected bloggers had come together last Friday morning (March 25th) for the launching of Chef Mitchie’s Chef’s Classics Collection.

Chef Mitchie is one of the chefs from my favorite and now defunct TV show, Ka-Toque. Mitchie has such an impressive background in cooking, coming from a family who introduced the TAPSILOG. She shared that she started cooking at the age of 5 and her masterpiece – fried eggs (that’s how I started too!). She’s known for giving traditional meals a twist – like Kalabasa Cheesecake, and Champorado with Orange Zest and Tuyo Cookies (hmm.. interesting and intriguing!).

Before the cooking demo, we were first served with a nice meal. I asked one of the organizers who the caterer was, and she said it was Mitchie’s group. Well, I got the name of the caterer, it’s TJIOE THE CATERER! (Thank you Lemuel!). The food is good and I love the fish dish. I have forgotten my diet for a day.

Sssh.. I did a second round! 🙂
I love the fish dish – no food tags.. Dunno what it’s called, but let me describe it – it’s healthy and delicious!

Salad and Halo-halo with home made sweets like Saging na Saba, and Leche Flan! 


Chef Mitchie did the cooking demo using the new Sunnex Collection. Eventhough I have only seen her on TV guestings, I already admired the petite chef. But watching her live as she does the thing that she’s good at is more than impressive.

She acts, slices and cooks with all passion and dexterity. I was actually impressed at how well she did the cooking demo – talking and connecting with the guests and not just saying Step 1, Step 2, Step 3..

She may not be a host but she’s way better than some of the known lifestyle show hosts on TV – she even knew how to handle an electrical malfunction with humor.

She talks about the new collection’s features and designs while doing her thing – as if she was plain talking to a friend in her kitchen. Being a pro that she is, she even shared some cooking tips which I have taken down to share with my readers.

  • To prevent onion from emitting gas and making you cry, you may:
    • 1. Store the onion first in the chiller before slicing.
    • 2. Use a sharper knife – to prevent onion from emitting more gas.
  • When zesting lemons, avoid peeling or zesting the white part, as it gives a bitter taste.
  • Although there are ground pepper available in the market, it is still advisable to use freshly ground pepper as black pepper easily goes stale.

The new collection is very feminine. It has finally come to a realization after 4 years, since they have launched Chef Tristan’s Collection.

I know that Sunnex always come up with innovative design and durable products (I actually always give Sunnex products to newly weds – beats the usual glassware set!). I asked Chef Mitchie if she was part of conceptualizing the whole collection and – she was. We know how marketing works, and getting celebrities as endorsers is the best way to market the products; but with Sunnex, there’s an assurance that the collection’s design and features came from someone who really works in the kitchen.

We were not only given the chance to view and “feel” the latest collection, but we also get to taste Chef Mitchie’s signature dish – Chicken Marsala with Steamed Lemon Smash Potato.

The flavor bursts with every bite of the chicken – it is not dry, just perfect.

The Apple and Pear Tart Tatin is a revelation and is my new love! I was actually a bit hesistant to try it because I need to cut down on sugar, but I wouldn’t let the chance pass – so I took a bite, and ended finishing my plate. It is not that sweet afterall. It is perfect with vanilla ice cream and the steausel is just a perfect break to balance the soft ice cream and crisp fruits.

The fun part is the raffle. Sunnex gave away 5 pieces of the salt and pepper crusher and the new Chef’s Classics Collection. Too bad, I didn’t win. I have to wait for the release of the new items on April 8th. I am already eyeing the grinder and sprayer.

Before the event ends, President and CEO of LJS Group of Companies, Mr. James Sy discussed the evolution of the cookware in the Philippines. It all started with Enamels (yes, I was once a fan of Enamels because of the available designs and prints that look so cute and chic in the kitchen), but because the market wanted something cheap, imported items coming from Japan only leveled with the quality of products the market is willing to pay.

Then, there’s the introduction of Aluminum. The problem with Aluminum is that it gives a reaction on the food. I always hear my mom complaining about her paksiw. There is also Stainless cookware which takes a while to heat up, and when it does, the temperature gets uncontrollable (my mom also complains!).

Sunnex cookware covers are flat – to keep away dirt and “other house pets” .

Chef Mitchie’s handwriting – very personal indeed. 

Sunnex cookware bottoms have this thick design where the aluminum is “sandwiched”.

Mitchie Chef’s Classics Collection is induction ready. Induction cooking which boasts of power efficiency, has started to appeal to cooking enthusiasts wanting to conserve energy during food preparation.

Silicon handles – not rubber or plastics
Silicon may be used for breast implants, but yes, that made them even a good material to use for handles. It can withstand 450 degrees temperature. It is nonstick, stain-resistant, and hard-wearing. We know how a good cookware can retire because of the broken handles, but with this collection, Sunnex introduced riveted stainless steel die cast handles with thick silicon grips.
Brushes are for painters – this is a new kitchen love for barbeque sauces and salad dressings!

Cover is heat and steam resistant, and I can attest that it doesn’t easily break
even if you drop it in the floor. 

Sunnex is aware of kitchen and cooking challenges, so they ensured that the new collection meets and solves common kitchen  and cooking concerns.

Mitchie’s Chef’s Classics Collection consists of a 28 cm open grill pan, 32 cm covered wok, 18 cm covered sauce pan, 24 cm covered sauce pot, 20 cm open skillet, 25 cm open skillet, 30 cm saucepan with steamer insert, and a 5 piece cookware set.

What is your favorite Sunnex cookware?

Watch out for the launching of products on April 8th!

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