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Ilocos Day 2: Roadtrip to Pagudpud and Places to See in Ilocos Norte

March 27, 2011

First, let me start this post with an apology. I know you have landed to this page to get an idea on how to plan your itinerary. Our trip was not very well planned, so we were only able to see and visit the most famous spots in Ilocos. But before you leave this page, I have a real treat at the bottom of the post, so please stay.

So let me just show you some more reasons why you should visit the places I would recommend below:

Kapurpurawan (White Rock Formation)
Burgos, Ilocos Norte

I was really amazed when I saw the rock formation – I can forever say, that Philippines is such a beautiful country! Who would have thought we would have something like this in the Philippines?

The way to this spot is never-ending and rocky. We took the tricycle ride (costs Php100) from the hi-way, and we traveled a very rough road – with paranoia that NPAs might soon show up and kidnap these poor travelers.

When we got to the place, we have to go down rocky steps and walked through the rocky, wet and slippery walkway of corals and rocks. Such an adventure, but a true beauty!

From the spot, you can see the angry waves of South China Sea – and the place is just so cold and windy.

Bangui Wind Mills
Bangui, Ilocos Norte

When I was just reading reviews about this site, I thought that one could actually swim in the area. But when we got there, I was dead wrong, and I would be dead if I tried!

The place is so windy and cold – and the sight of the angry raving waves makes me scared. Even the windmills are so scary with its gigantic size. This is the biggest project in Southeast Asia and provides 40% of electricity in the Ilocos Norte Area.

You need to ride a tricyle from the hi-way to get to the place. If you still have time and if you love coffee, please visit the KangKang Cafe (Ilocos has a funny way of naming places and food!)

I love the KangKang coffee as it is dark roasted, full bodied and with high acidity.

Some nice souvenirs made by locals. I am so proud of Filipinos.. we are so creative and has an eye for details!

I should have bought some ref-magnets..:(

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse
Burgos, Ilocos Norte

This is an old lighthouse built in 1890s, and surprising, it is still serving its purpose as it still monitors ship entering the Philippine territory from the North.

It is rustic and old. Some of the panels of the stairs and terrace had been removed, so I find the place really scary – add the ghost stories the Manong Caretaker was sharing with the other guests.

We we’re not able to climb on top as it was ordered to be closed due to high-voltage. Having my pic taken with it’s background is already worth the travel.


We finally made it to the beach after a long and tiring day of riding tricycles, bus and jeepney. I have decided  to just enjoy the view from the shore, since it is already late and the temperature is getting colder.

This is what they call the Boracay of the North. I love the fact that it is not crowded and the place is so peaceful – perfect for Honeymooners or for those who want a real escape.

Doing some math and finance reconciliation, I think we have spent more than what we should have because of  transferring tricycles and jeepney. We could have gotten a tour guide/tricycle drivers as they usually charge Php1,000 for a day’s trip covering all the tourists spots in Ilocos Norte.

On our way back to Laoag, we met a very nice tricycle driver who informed us that he was one of the accredited drivers of DOT and they charged fixed for day trips (only Php650). Too late to even know, but I am sharing his number so you can contact him.

Mang Marlito

He was really nice to even join us while we waited for a bus going to Manila (so we can go back to Laoag – Pagudpud-Laoag bus schedule is only until 2:00PM).

When we got back to Laoag, we headed to La Preciosa for dinner – so stand by for my post and review about this Fine Dining Restaurant in Laoag.

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