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I Need Change! If Only the Nimbus Two Thousand Can Save the Day!

April 25, 2011

When I’ve read the Harry Potter book and the Nimbus Two Thousand Broom was first introduced – I wonder if that same broom can do wonders in keeping the house clean, minus the flying dust with every sweep!

Eventhough I am not yet a mommy, or housewife, I have already experienced the dark sides of cleaning the house and sweeping the floor – regardless if I am using the walis tingting or tambo – and it doesn’t matter if it has traveled 8 hours from Baguio.

My first taste of horror was when I was in grade school – having studied in a public school, cleaning the classroom has been part of our curriculum. Imagine me, in my pristine uniform holding the broom and sweeping the floor. It’s like little red riding hood playing the role of Cinderella.

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The struggle with the broom never ended after grade school, or even after I got my diploma. My first job was in a coffee shop, and once again I was reunited with – the broom! Imagine the dust and all the wicked stuff flying in the air with every sweep – which I think is the culprit why I get such an acne-prone skin! Add the fact that it makes my nose itchy and a big loud sneeze would soon come after.

At home, I thought we had been blessed when R2D2 came in our lives. Yes, I am referring to that bulky, robot-like vacuum cleaner which has that long nozzle like an elephant, following you with every loud suction it made. But that doesn’t solve the problem, because keeping R2D2 at home means like having a bed spacer.

So now we’re back with the old brooms, and no matter how thin their “hairs” are, we cannot just let them all go and retire. Although I only get to clean and maintain my room and some portion of the house, every weekend is still a struggle in keeping the place clean, ensuring all the dust are collected, and keeping me from getting sick with all the allergens flying with every broom-swing.

If I got an Electolux Dynamica Vacuum, I can –

1. finally clean my room (and all its corners) – and not just sweep the floor everyday.
2. use cleaning as an alternative for exercise, as I can just point the nozzle in every corner with the tune of my favorite music.
3. maintain my good posture without bending trying to reach the flooring under my bed.
4. finally let go of my broom nightmare stories!
5. declare to myself that I am 10% ready to be a housewife/mommy ( I need to work on the remaining 90%).
6. give the vacuum to my mom, as she is the certified “mommy” in the house! 😀

Cleaning the house is like doing a major operation. I look like a certified doctor complete with mask and gloves!

I don’t need to change professions whenever I would clean the house. I need change. I want to start the doom of the broom! I need help!

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