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KPop 2AM Charmed the Teens and the Press in the Philippines

April 30, 2011

You have not just 2AM but the whole day to catch 2AM today for the last leg of their Manila Tour.

I had the privilege to get invited for the press conference of 2AM in Edsa Shangri-la Hotel yesterday afternoon. I had been wanting to share this post, but I went straight to work – so the thoughts, memories, and interviews were just stored in my gazillion GB brain memory while doing my regular work.

Anyway, I came in few minutes late at the press con but still managed to take pictures of the fans who won in the Meet and Greet Contest. Although I feel a little old to feel giggly at the sight of these 4 Koreans, I have to admit that their looks make me feel like a teenager once again.

These boys are not just singers and idols, but each has its own individuality. Jinwoon, (who reminds me of a special someone) is the youngest member who plays guitar and drums during his spare time.
Jo Kwon, is an active netizen who is always online (probably always on the hunt for limited edition stuff that he loves to collect). Changmin is the joker, as he openly shared that he bought banana catchup to try. He also requested the press to only share his best pictures – and when I checked my camera, there isn’t any bad ones. Seulong is the serious mysterious type who loves to collect rings and bracelets which he often misplaced and lost. So now he’s planning to buy new ones as replacement. He even shared that he only brought few pieces for this tour.

During the press conference, the group also talks about their music which is a mix of dance and ballad. 2AM’s new album Saint O’clock Special Edition is actually their first full album which carries all new songs. Who would be surprised if this album would once again bring awards to the awards they have just recently won? 2AM won the 25th Golden Disk Awards, 2nd Melon Music Awards, MNET Music Awards and Seoul Music Awards.
Fans – wishing, waiting and hoping..
If you have missed the first two shows, today is your last chance to catch the boys in their Grand Show at Eastwood Mall Open Park at 5:00PM today as they sing with MCA’s Music new acoustic pop-duo, Krissy and Ericka. 
The tour is brought to you by MCA Music Inc.
So bring those cameras and pens now!

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