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LookingFour | New Buy and Sell Site in the Philippines

May 26, 2022

My journey to a more meaningful life continues as I try to dispose of more items and own less. Aside from sharing, and donating items, I also sell items online. This is one of the ways I earn money. In addition, I want to help in eliminating waste and recycling items. As they say, one’s trash could be another’s treasure.

I discovered a new website where I could list (or buy) second-hand items – LookingFour is an online platform and marketplace where you can buy or sell, new or preloved home and lifestyle items. It was launched in February 2020 and aims to provide users with a more sustainable lifestyle while earning money (from selling items). While for the buyers, it provides an affordable option for buying new or pre-loved items. Currently, LookingFour has 25,000 listings. mainly focuses on listing furniture which is the least recycled item in the world.

How to Sell Items In LookingFour

I am interested in selling some of the products I have at home, and I want to reach a bigger market so I registered an account at

Registration is easy and quick. I just used my phone number and email to verify my account and I am ready to list / sell an item.

I have the option to connect my account to my Facebook account to be “verified”. This is a unique feature of that strengthens the reputation of the seller. There are different tier levels – New Comer, Silver and Gold that comes with different perks.

LookingFour Buy and Sell Site Review Philippines
LookingFour Buy and Sell Site Review Philippines
LookingFour Buy and Sell Site Review Philippines

To be able to get verified, user must submit a valid ID (Silver) and barangay clearance (Gold). This verification process is userful for building a brand (or store) and reputation in the platform. It gives a sense of security to the buyers.

To sell an item, I just need to click “Sell Something”, upload images from my laptop, and fill out the fields in the pop-up window. I love that I can even add “key words” to my listing so buyers can easily locate my product.

LookingFour Buy and Sell Site Review Philippines

Currently though, the payment and delivery options are settled and arranged by the buyer and seller outside the platform, but I heard that the site is looking at partnering with courier service soon.

How to Buy Items in LookingFour

To buy an item, buyer can search through the search bar on top of the page. As a buyer, I can easily check if the seller is a verified seller. I was looking for vintage home pieces and saw this listing (by a Gold Certified member).

LookingFour Buy and Sell Site Review Philippines

I just click on “Make an Offer” button and it opens a new pop-up window. As a buyer, I can enter the offer amount and mode of transaction. I love that through, I can “haggle” and make an offer to the seller. Of course, it is up to the seller to accept and close the sale.

LookingFour Buy and Sell Site Review Philippines

Here are some cool home and lifestyle items from Lookingfour. They are properly packed when delivered.

LookingFour Buy and Sell Site Review Philippines

It is nice to see more e-commerce sites are opening in the Philippines that provide a venue to Filipinos to sell and buy second-hand items to help in the environmental concerns on wastage. With LookingFour, buying is better with Sigurado Sellers.

LookingFour Buy and Sell Site Review Philippines

Check out and follow their social media sites.

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