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Mother’s Day Dinner Buffet at Seasons in Manila Pavilion Hotel

May 14, 2011

I know that hotels and restaurants would be crowded and fully reserved during Mother’s Day so I decided to take my family in Manila Pavilion Hotel to try the International Cuisine Buffet at Seasons.

People might be feasting in Spiral, 7 Corners, Corniche, Cafe Ylang Ylang and Heat; but we had the spacious dining of Seasons all to ourselves as we explore the dishes served from different cuisines. Yes, we were early at 7PM reservation and we were greeted and assisted by very friendly and accommodating staff who tirelessly answered all my questions and assisted us in all our requests (like, taking our family picture?!).


It was really nice to be dining in with your family in an intimate place; plus the buffet table has good selection of dishes from Filipino, Japanese, Chinese and Italian.


What’s on the Buffet Table?

Let’s turn Japanese!


That’s with gelatin!

DSC02102 (1)

I wonder what these are called? All I know these are chic and pork. See pictures below.


Nice and tender..

DSC02132 (1)

Shrimp with cucumber and melon ball..


Desserts! I love the chocolate cake!


Native and so pinoy! Kakanin!


Let’s Go Nuts and Go Crazy with Donuts!


Leche flan and gelatin cubes!


Chocolate coated cornflakes. Yum!


I never know if the food does taste fantastic, or maybe it was because I was spending (my time and money) with my family; but I know I gained few kilos after that night, and released countless burps the entire evening.

The place is something to try if you are into gaming and casinos as the restaurant is just in the Ground Level of Manila Pavilion. I saw some Joe’s probably coming from casino and enjoying bottles of beer.

When we left the place, I know it needs a little more marketing. But I was surprised to see a deal in Ensogo. Only P1350 for International Buffet Lunch or Dinner for two, inclusive of chilled fruit juices at Manila Pavilion Hotel (valued at P2700). Please click here to buy the details.

Time to explore Seasons at every and any season.

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