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Royce’s (Chocolate) Potato Chip Chocolate is Love!!! A New Twist and Crunch in Eating Chocolate/Potato Chips

May 16, 2011

I do not know about you, but everytime I eat junk (chips, chocolates, and more chips and chocolates) during my cheat days (which is I think everyday), I always combine and eat chips (usually potato chips) with chocolates.

I eat chips and munch them bite after bite, then do a little break by eating some chocolates. I love the fun of eating something salty, then having something chocolate-bitter-sweet. I love the contrast it creates. People sometimes just crave for something salty or something sweet. When I get that craving (sweet or salty), I always get both, as I know I would enjoy the eating and indulging if I have both chips and chocolates).

Trying hard to stay healthy, I drink lot of water. Just water, I am not fond of drinking soda.

So when my sister told me that I should try Royce’s Potato Chips Chocolate (I think it should be Chocolate Coated Potato Chips? – I don’t want to be a grammar doc today, but Potato Chips Chocolate is what is printed in the box) – I made sure to buy one the next time we came across a Royce kiosk!

But the first time was a failure. When we went to Robinson’s Place Manila, the Royce team had their company outing as posted in the paper clipped on those nets covering the glass chiller of yummy chocolates.
My mom knew that I am dreaming of this, so before heading to Manila Pavilion last Mother’s Day, after covering an event, we dropped by the Royce’s kiosk and bought one box.

The box is expensive at Php540. I only get to eat Royce when I receive them as gifts (with or without flowers), and they taste as good as anything free.

Expiration date is sticked on the side. Check. I would enjoy eating without the worries of getting sick.

It is of the same size as your normal chips. I checked how many grams it is, but there is nothing printed on the pack and box. Or maybe it is printed, but of different character.

Let’s open the pack now…

Surprise!! I want to take a handful and put everything in my mouth. 
Let’s be demure. The potato chip is only covered with chocolate on one side, which is good since I want balance here. Not too sweet. Not too salty. 
Taking a bite of this yummy chip, it is not at all salty. No need to worry about stone and kidney diseases. You can still taste the potato in it, and of course the bursting chocolate taste. It is like eating a chocolate bar with that crunchy experience.
You see.. it is not just chicken which is worthy of Finger-Licking-Good experience! Blame the hot weather for this extra chocolate treat!
Now, I am eating the last few chips on this bag.. I need to buy some more and probably get a bag! 
Disclaimer: This is not a paid post. I hope it is. If Royce wishes to thank me for this post, my house is welcome for the boxes and boxes of chocolates they would deliver!
So are you getting a Royce Potato Chip Chocolate now?

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