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McDonald’s Delivery as a Love Language

October 18, 2022

McDonald’s Delivery always serves as an act of service, like a Love Language. I usually book a McDonald’s Delivery when I want to give mom a break from cooking meals at home. While my friends usually send me a McDonald’s Delivery because they know that fries and nuggets are my favorite comfort food.

McDonald’s just released a heartwarming short film honoring their delivery partners with the help of their families. This a small way to return the love to the delivery riders who offered their time and services so we can have “the time”.

One rider story that really touched me is that of Nelia’s, a partner driver who works all day delivering McDonald’s food to houses and stores. She has 2 daughters who long for their mom’s presence but understands that Nelia sacrificed being on the road to provide for them and give them the best.

For the last delivery order of the day, Nelia was instructed by the McDonald’s manager to go upstairs and she was surprised by her daughters and her family.

I am a softie when it comes to videos like this, and I am so touched when I saw her family all smiling and happy to see her. It is like seeing your family coming home, or seeing them smile when you come home. Truly, leaving your house and returning back safely is such an underrated blessing. It is the same smile I see whenever I come home from travels.

I always say that time is the most valuable resource that we have. I previously worked in an industry that required me to work on holidays, and I felt the same longing to be with my family even on regular days. I am glad that McDonald’s came up with this surprise for their partner riders. Just goes to show how much McDo values family time and their hardworking riders.

Currently, having a McDo meal with my parents before I leave for a short out-of-town trip. It is everyday merienda’s/meals like this that make everyday happier and lighter.

Check out the super heartwarming, feel-good video HERE and order via McDelivery to make your family time all the more precious and to show your support for your riders!

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