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Ryan Bang’s “I Lilly Lilly Like It” Album Launch – I Lilly Lilly Like to Attend But I Missed!

May 19, 2011

I am writing this post with only an hour of sleep since Tuesday afternoon (I woke up at 5:00 PM then). So if you see any grammar error, typo and just jumping chain of thoughts, please do forgive the blogger.

The reason I am missing my bed now and using eye concealer is because I had attended two events (and missed one) after completing work requests, answering emails and dealing with Expats, managers, executives and HR Partners. Yes, I worked at night and yesterday morning, after shutting down my computer in the office, I ran to Manila Peninsula Hotel to cover an event. Actually, I only wished I ran – as I rode a bus on my way there – thinking that I would saved money – but it turned out I wasted too much time. I never pass through EDSA on my way to work, so I never know traffic was so terrible in the morning (9AM) and that bus (although I was lucky I got a seat infront and Avatar was playing on the DVD), stops at every corner and streets to take commuters which took away a few minutes in every stop. Anyway, I would be writing a different post regarding the event, as well as the launching of a new product endorsed by Mr. Machete, Aljur.

As much as I want to join another event in the afternoon, I have to say sorry to the person who invited me and make a right decision – which is to go home and get a few minutes of sleep (I had an hour!). I underestimated the time and event duration that I thought I could still attend Ryan Bang’s Album Launch.

Thank you to Orange Magazine TV for the pic!

I love blogging and covering events, but my work is my priority – especially that last night was our first day of training for another process with SME’s from the US who trained us. Yes, at times we have to make sacrifices – and I feel a little too sad to miss the chance to meet the famous Ryan Bang.

I first encountered the guy when I was TV-show-hopping, and chanced the Big Brother Big Night. It seemed that Filipinos had fallen inloved with this Korean guy as I heard a loud screaming and cheering when his name was called – and he came out with his hands shaped like a heart, doing that pumping trick to the delight of the audience. Then, I saw him again on Showtime. He was a judge, and I knew he is the new favorite since he seems like a regular judge along with Vice Ganda.

From reality TV, the guy did hosting and TV show, and now – he’s into recording! Yesterday afternoon, he launched his first album – I Lilly Lilly Like It! at Agave Restaurant in Tomas Morato (and I lilly lilly want to go but I didn’t make it).

That signature heart-pumping move!

Although I seldom watch TV, I easily adore foreigners who try to speak in Tagalog, and Ryan Bang is one of the few who I know is close to speaking fluent Tagalog – with that cute Korean accent! I have yet to listen to the whole album but I know I would expect cute intonation and accent from this adorable TV personality.

Check out this video taken by OrangeMagazineTV. I really wish I was there.. 

That was fun! I know you lilly lilly like it too!

So raise those hands, form a heart and do the pumping move! 😉

Now, I have to get back to work.. sleep.

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