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Who is Petra Mahalimuyak? An Interview with Youtube’s Newest Sensation [Ashley Rivera]

May 20, 2011

When I hear the name Petra, what comes to mind is the character from an old Tagalog movie – a funny loud gay which transforms into a horse. But Petrang Kabayo is a thing of the past, the new Petra is flooding the walls of my Facebook Home Page with so many likes and shares, and LOLs and Hahahahaha‘s from my friends.

If you have not heard of Petra Mahalimuyak, it is time for you to connect to the world. Buy a pc, go online and search Or simply, continue reading..

I am just ecstatic that the famous and much loved Petra has been so kind to say yes for an interview! I know that fans would want to know who is Petra Mahalimuyak..  does she really speak with that strong accent? Where did she come from? Is she dating anyone? What’s her real work?

Real beauty cannot be distorted! She’s still pretty even by being wacky!

I am dreaming we could meet in a coffee shop, enjoy lattes and slices of cakes, then maybe she could show me hear make up collection while speaking in that strong Filipina accent (or British?) just like what she did on her videos. But timezones and distance made that impossible. So here I am typing infront of the computer while doing “ALT-TAB” in my keyboard, watching her Backstreet Tomboy video.

So, who is the newest Youtube sensation?! Read on..

Ruthilicious: Who is the woman behind Petra Mahalimuyak? (are you working? where are you born? are you a true Pinay? a Brit? do you have a degree? are you a real beauty queen?)

Petra Mahalimuyak: My name is Ashley Rivera. I was born in L.A California. I am a filipina w/ spanish blood & a liiittle bit of chinese. I am a culinary arts graduate. (Center for Asian Culinary Studies) and currently working at Riva by Wolfgang Puck at the Venetian Hotel as a hostess.

Ruthilicious: How did you come up with such a a risque name? (Petra Mahalimuyak?)

Petra Mahalimuyak: Petra- is an inside joke. It’s bet. me & my highschool friends. Mahalimuyak- because it sounds “mabaho” but the meaning of it is actually fragrant. Ironic. :))

Ruthilicious: What is your inspiration in making your first video (the make up tutorial?) 

Petra Mahalimuyak: My sister loves Michelle Phan & i know she’s famous. So i thought of making a “spoof” w/ my exag filipino accent. Surprisingly, people liked it. And some…. simply hated it. Haha!

Ruthilicious: I’ve seen the make up tutorial and how to speak with British accent videos, how did you learn such way of speaking?

Petra Mahalimuyak: I’ve been doing my so-called fob accent since i was like 12 years old..? (I hate it when people say i’m copying Mikey Bustos ’cause i know i’m not. It just so happen he posted a vid w/ the accent first) And the british accent since the 1st Harry Potter movie. I also can do the Vietnamese, Indian, Chinese, Russian & Australian accent. Just don’t want to do it ’cause people might think i’m racist.

Ruthilicious: In the beauty queen video, I have seen and witnessed that you are truly a smart girl, have you ever thought of joining a beauty contest?

Petra Mahalimuyak: I have joined a model search called Circle of 10 (2010) it’s like a beauty pageant too. And I’m one of the winners. Thank God. (I am not surprised! – Ruth)

Ruthilicious: Ive found out that you were once a talent in ABS CBN, what made you leave show business especially that it is evident that you have talent?

Petra Mahalimuyak: I was part of the cotillion thing at the Star Magic Ball. And as far as i can remember, i was supposed to be “launched” after that. I was w/ other talents that are now famous. Such as K-La Rivera, Imee Schweighart, Julia Montes, etc. BUT i had to leave the day after the ball. I needed to come w/ my mom here in Vegas ’cause my sister petitioned her. My mom didn’t want to leave me in the Phil.

Ruthilicious: Would you again consider show business as I know for sure you are receiving offers to do shows? Who is your closest showbiz friend?

Petra Mahalimuyak: Yes, of course! I’ve had some offers here & there but i will patiently wait for the “right one”. 🙂 Hmm. Ynna Asistio & I have been friends for almost 5 years now. So i guess she’s my closest showbiz friend.

Ruthilicious: Have you thought you would have such a huge followers and likers?

Petra Mahalimuyak: Definitely not. It’s really touching though because I honestly didn’t expect such attention. I just wanted to make people laugh & at the same time express myself through Petra. Obviously i’m bored here in vegas. Hahahaha. Never thought boredom would help me become ‘popular’.

Ruthilicious: How did you feel about this sudden popularity?

Petra Mahalimuyak: It’s overwhelming & unbelievable. They tell me that i am a celebrity or the next youtube sensation but i don’t consider myself that. I mean even IF i am, i don’t have the right to be cocky about it. I’ll still keep my feet on the ground. It’s always nice to be humble.

Ruthilicious: What do your family and friends say about this whole Petra Mahalimuyak?

Petra Mahalimuyak: Well my family’s awesome. They’re very supportive. They know that i love entertaining people. And they believe in me. So does my friends. They’re my die hard fans. Hahahahaha. Just kidding! They absolutely love my character Petra. She’s like an exaggerated version of me.

Ruthilicious: Guys are suddenly falling inlove with the beautiful, witty and talented Petra (Ashley), care to share if you are dating someone, or if you are already committed? (please dont break their hearts! :))

Petra Mahalimuyak: I don’t mean to break their hearts but, i do have a boyfriend. His name is Miguel Noriega. He’s filipino too. We’ve been dating for about half a year now. 🙂

Not the boyfriend! This is Petra! 

Ruthilicious: Do you have any messages to your dislikers?

Petra Mahalimuyak: God bless you all. 🙂

Ruthilicious:  Please send your love to all the men, women and gays who adore you and your video!

Petra Mahalimuyak: Gusto ko lang po magpasalamat sa mga taong sumusubaybay sa aking mga bijos (videos). Pinaghirapan ko po talaga ito. Mahirap po kausapin ang sarili sa banyo pero salamat sa inyong pag-patuloy na suporta at pagmamahal. Nakakataba po talaga ng puso. Kung wala po kayo, wala rin ako dito. Maraming salamat po. – YES. FEELING ARTISTA LANG. =))))))))))))))))) kbye.

Well.. she is an artista, a great artist – and a writer too!

I know you are loving her even more now. I am watching her new videos and they are as fun sa the first few she had uploaded!

Please like her Facebook Fan Page at Petra Mahalimuyak. Don’t even attempt to send a friend request (it is not that she’s a snob), but everyone wants to be her friend and the system can no longer put requests through. Subscribe to her videos at AshleySlips (sounds like Ashely slips.. or Ashley sleeps.. or As she slips.. or As she sleeps..)

Pictures from Petra Mahalimuyak.

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