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Immigration Interview Experience: Incentive Travel Edition

May 28, 2024

One of my life’s adventures is participating in an Incentive Travel.

You can read about my incentive travel experience on this blog.

Incentive Travel is a reward or bonus offered by companies to their employees, or partners when they meet a certain (sales) target or goal. It is a program designed to motivate individuals, or reward high-performing partners.

I got to experience this amazing experience last year, and I am thankful to people who helped me achieve this. If you are someone who also qualified to an Incentive Travel and is worried about the Immigration Questions, here are some tips I want to share:

Always come prepared. The company will usually provide a letter/document addressed to the immigration officer stating about the incentive travel with a list of participants in the program/travel. You must bring it and keep it so you are ready to present it in case the immigration officer asks for this documentation. It helps to bring your company ID to show proof of your association or affiliation with the company.

Be truthful about your travel. During my travel, the immigration officer just asked me for my return date, and asked if I would be traveling for vacation. I said, yes and casually mentioned that I was part of the incentive travel with a company. He didn’t ask for any document or letter; but he just asked how many participants were there. I gave a rough estimate based on the list of names included in the letter. He didn’t ask any further question.

Stay confident. You can wear whatever comfortable travel outfit you want to wear, and just be yourself. Make the immigration interview more casual and conversational.

I hope you find this post helpful!

Excited for your travel adventures!

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