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My First Incentive Travel Experience

October 9, 2023

I arrived at NAIA Terminal 3 around 5:00 in the morning. From the entrance, I immediately saw the signage where I met the contact person who gave me my travel packet. It contained my travel insurance, an invitation letter that I could present to the immigration (just in case), and my meal allowance.

There was a special lane for us to check in, and there was a company logo and signage welcoming us. I checked in and dropped off my luggage.

When I got to the immigration, the IO just stamped my passport (he just asked for my return date), and off I passed through the security check. I still had time to swing by the lounge for a quick snack/breakfast.

At the Boarding Gate of Singapore Airlines, I knew I would be spending my 4 days with the majority of the passengers of Flight SQ 944. Most of them were wearing company shirts, and jackets bearing their MDRT title, while some were holding the green document packet from the travel agency.

It felt like one of those “solo-travel-but-somewhat-arranged” trips I participated in (as a former corporate girl and content creator/blogger).

Yet I knew this was going to be a different adventure; Here’s my story of my first travel incentive with Pru Life UK.

I got seated next to the window – and right after setting my things and buckling my seat belt, I started taking videos. It has become part of my DNA as a content creator for years, and as someone who wants to just document this unique experience.

The guy who was seated next to me was also doing the same thing. It was as if we were performing in sync as we checked the inflight entertainment. We were probably on the same journey. He was Eygee, who introduced himself as an artist and ASM (Assistant Unit Manager). The guy next to him (aisle seat) was Mon who is a tax specialist and a part-time Financial Advisor like me.

For the most part of the flight, I just slept. 😆 Writing about this experience now makes me miss that feeling of heading to a new destination.

We had a layover in Singapore before our flight to our destination – Bali, Indonesia. I felt that I needed time for myself because I knew that this new journey would require me to talk to a lot of people. As an introvert, I needed this time.

I took the opportunity to visit the famous Singapore Jewel Airport and the famous indoor waterfalls. Some of the delegates decided to exit Singapore to visit the Merlion.

When we arrived at the boarding gate, I was once again reunited with Eygee and Mon. Just like me, they were also traveling solo representing their branch. Some of them knew some of the delegates whom they got to travel with during their Rookie Hi-Flyer trip.

When we landed in Bali, we were welcomed by 2 tourist buses that brought us to our luxurious accommodation. I shared a room with Jem, who is also an educator.

Throughout the journey, I got to learn more about the other delegates – there’s Mel (who is a wife and could be mistaken as a Gen-Z), Sab (the driven and passionate Unit Manager), Russ (a former sales trainer, and Baguio native) and Marco (a young, aspiring Unit Manager).

The itinerary is designed in such a way that there is a whole-day itinerary, an event, and a free day before our evening flight.

I really enjoyed myself and the company of the Pru Lifers (as we were called throughout the trip). It was a different journey.

As we explored the sights and scenes in Bali, the conversations always revolved around sales targets, manpower, and goals to be a Branch Manager or to be part of the prestigious MDRT. I guess this is how they draw inspiration from others – the same way I felt energized and inspired when I saw artists and content creators talk about their journey, their art, or their music (hello Agust D). 😀

my first incentive travel pru life uk

On our second day, most of the group planned a tour which they booked via Klook. OFF TOPIC: you can still use my Klook promo code RUTHILICIOUS for discounts!

They were pushing to do a white water rafting, but I told them that I was not prepared for physical activity, and wanted to just stay in the hotel and rest before the evening event. If my younger self was traveling with them, she could have said “yes”.

One thing I like about the PruLifers is that they are very encouraging, I always hear them say how amazing and good I was for qualifying for a Travel Incentive in my first year (not even my first full year). I honestly felt that I just got really lucky. 🥹

Writing about it now feels like a significant accomplishment, especially considering I didn’t want to send messages to people (just like what salespeople do). In my industry, I’m usually on the receiving end of proposals and invitations. I am honestly struggling to align various work and methods to my current lifestyle. I guess, I am just really lucky to have people and friends who trusted me in this new role. I am thankful for these people. ❤️

my first incentive travel pru life uk

During the evening event, we were given a special thematic gift representative of the destination country. It felt like one of those events that I got to attend in Manila, but for this event, all the qualifiers were celebrated for their achievement.

On our last night, we even went out and explored the nearby bars in Bali. We settled in a rooftop bar where we could all talk and share more about ourselves. It was nice to see that most of them are young and already building a career.

my first incentive travel pru life uk

my first incentive travel pru life uk

my first incentive travel pru life uk

my first incentive travel pru life uk

We had our free day on our last day, and although we wanted to spend more time together, I decided to go for my original plan to do a Bali Silver Workshop. I was able to go back just in time and had dinner with Eygee and Russ.

silver-making class in bali

I had a little misadventure as I didn’t realize that it is a 2-hour drive from my hotel in Kuta. I booked a Grab (unfortunately, I pinned the wrong location as there are many different Agung Silver destinations in Bali).

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We talked about my industry and the work that I do, and I took the opportunity to get to know them and their drive to succeed as a Branch Manager. I really admire their discipline and passion. I guess, you really have to love what you do to be really good at it.

When it was time to say goodbye, it felt like one of those “once in a lifetime trips” again; and just like in my previous trips, I felt that maybe I would no longer get to see or travel with these people again.

I am thankful for the opportunity to have experienced this, and to meet such wonderful people. Pru Life UK is such a generous company, but just like any other work and goal, getting to this level of achievement takes a lot of work and focus, including adapting methods that I am still struggling to align with my current lifestyle.

It took me a while (one year) to write about this experience.

My writing serves as both a documentation of life and a confession to understand things and articulate my feelings.

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I hope you enjoy this story.

Thank you for following my journey.

Every day is an adventure and I hope you are living your rich life as big as you want it to be. ❤️

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