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Tokyo, Japan Outfit Diary: Fall

October 14, 2023

I rarely buy new clothes – even for special occasions, I just often mix and match my current clothes (mostly black). I am guilty that I buy new clothes during travel (but I make sure that I buy pieces that I can wear again, and again).

I thought of just resurrecting some of these photos which were taken during the Tokyo, Japan trip. It was Fall when we traveled, and I think it is my favorite season because it is more comfortable to explore – not too warm, not too cold.

You may spot some of these pieces on my Instagram. I am happiest when I can still fit in my old clothes.

Tokyo, Japan Outfit Diary Fall Outfit Ideas

First night in Tokyo exploring the area near our accommodation

Tokyo, Japan Outfit Diary Fall Outfit Ideas

Chill day around Shibuya

Tokyo, Japan Outfit Diary Fall Outfit Ideas

A day at Asakusa where we tried the Kimono Experience.

Tokyo DisneySea Outfit Disneyland Outfit

Fun day at Tokyo DisneySea

We spent 4 full days in Tokyo, Japan, but for some reason, I lost Day 4 files.

Anyway, you can check out all my Japan adventures here.

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