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Bucket List: Wear Kimono in Japan | My Tokyo Kimono Experience

November 6, 2018

I usually start my travel series with an introduction post about the destination country along with travel tips and impressions. But I am jumping off to our Kimono Experience in Asakusa (which we took on our 4th day in Japan) because this is one of my favorite experiences during our trip.

Wearing a Kimono to go around the streets of Japan would be a nice outfit to go with the shrine or temple background – or cherry blossom (if you are feeling lucky during Fall Season).

My Kimono Experience in Asakusa, Japan

The kimono (着物, きもの) [1] is a traditional Japanese garment that resembles a full-length robe. It literally means “something to wear”. People in Japan used to wear Kimono everyday. Today, kimonos are worn during  special occasion such as formal ceremonies.

Ruth dela Cruz Kimono Experience Japan

Kimonos are usually made of silk, but there are some which are made of cotton or polyester.  Kimonos for women have a very colorful, bold designs like flowers and butterflies.

I was surprised to know that a Kimono set is very expensive not to mention, very delicate and intricate to wear. 

Thankfully, there are shops in Tokyo where you can rent a Kimono for a day and channel your inner geisha.

Where to Rent Kimono in Tokyo?

We booked our Kimono Experience via Klook because we wanted a smooth transaction with our tour. We just booked it online and presented our vouchers.

Bucket List: Kimono Experience Japan via Klook  Review

It was a good choice as the shop offers more premium kimonos and accessories like obi belt, string and bag to complete the look. The other Kimono Rentals only have a standard-looking kimonos (less the string and accessories).

How Much Is a Kimono Rental?

Klook offers different packages for the Kimono Rental Experience. 

Php 2,541 (which usually goes on sale at Php 1,788) comes with the following:

1 day kimono rental (kimono, obi band, undershirt, bag, socks, sandals, shawl)

Professional dressing service

Simple hair set & hair ornaments

Luggage storage

You can book your Kimono Experience Activity directly below:

There are also group packages that friends and couples can take advantage of at a lower price.

You can wear the Kimono for whole day and you must return it by 4:30 PM.

My Kimono Experience

Our schedule for the Kimono Experience was  at 10:00 in the morning. However, we came in late (around 11:00). We paid for late fee of  ¥100,000/each person.

The staff was very accommodating and seem excited for our Kimono Experience – that made me alot more excited.

After we signed a few papers and paid for our late fees, we were sent to the second floor where we get to choose our own Kimono style and color.

Bucket List: Kimono Experience Japan via Klook  Review

Bucket List: Kimono Experience Japan via Klook  Review

Bucket List: Kimono Experience Japan via Klook  Review

Luggage where you keep your stuff during your stroll

The staff made sure that we got the best Kimono that is fit for us – especially that I am tall. They kept on asking me if I am a “model” – and that reminded me of the time I was in Beijing and tried on a Traditional Chinese Dress. Everyone seemed to ask if I am a celebrity because I looked too foreign compared to my other Asian friends. 🤭🤭🤭

 They checked each Kimono and ensured that I got the one that is perfect for my height and arms’ length. They even checked their stocks on another floor to get me the best Kimono. They took photos of the designs and they let me choose the one I wanted.

The girl came back with the red Kimono I chose from the photos with the Obi Belt and Strings she chose to go with it. I love that they give their 100 percent in everything that they do. They make sure you get the best (kimono) experience. She then later on asked me to pick a small bag (whew! I needed a small bag to keep my essentials and camera). 

She then asked me to head to the third floor – while the boys stayed at the second floor to get dressed.

When I got to the second floor, I was asked to change into a white silk undergarment.

Then I waited for my turn to get my hair fixed.

I wish I could take photos during the preparation, but photos and videos are not allowed inside the dressing room.

When it was my turn, the girl asked me what kind of hairstyle I wanted. I told her I wanted a side braid that is very Japanese. I chose a yellow hair ornament to go with my Red Kimono. 

Bucket List: Kimono Experience Japan via Klook

Then, I waited for my turn to get dressed. Somehow I found myself smiling (and laughing inside) because I felt like a true geisha along with other tourists sitting and waiting for their turn. That was really a part of the Kimono Experience!

When it was my turn to get dressed, I just stood in front of the mirror and let the old Japanese woman took care of me. She intricately and delicately folded the inner garment and tied cloths around me. It felt a bit tight around my waistline and she decided to tie it above my breasts instead.

Bucket List: Kimono Experience Japan via Klook

Then, she proceeded with the Kimono. I feel like putting a Kimono is an art itself. It is elaborate yet she displayed a different skill the way she folds the cloth  and wraps it around my body. While doing so, she kept on telling me “Kawaii”. She carefully folded and tied the Kimono making sure that it fell perfectly in my body, giving me a good shape and figure – and making sure I am comfortable. 

Bucket List: Kimono Experience Japan via Klook  Review

When I was all set and dressed, for the last time, she told me “Kawaii” – and she called the other Kimono dressers to look at me and they said “Kawaii” “Kirei”

Bucket List: Kimono Experience Japan via Klook  Review

Before I went down, they already prepared my slippers (I little too small for my big feet but that completed my look).

 When I got to the ground floor, Rod and Rodel were already dressed in Yukata.

We left our stuff in the plastic bag that was provided to us and we walked around Asakusa (in kimono!)

Walking Around Asakusa in Kimono

Wearing a Kimono is all about elegance and  grace. I felt like I became more feminine during that moment I was wearing a Kimono.

Bucket List: Kimono Experience Japan via Klook  Review

Bucket List: Kimono Experience Japan via Klook  Review

Bucket List: Kimono Experience Japan via Klook  Review

The trick to walking while wearing a Kimono is to make sure that your feet are always together (it was a challenge to walk in traditional Japanese slippers). If you need to run or walk faster, you have to hold the Kimono “skirt” and walk faster.

Bucket List: Kimono Experience Japan via Klook  Review

Bucket List: Kimono Experience Japan via Klook  Review

Bucket List: Kimono Experience Japan via Klook  Review

Bucket List: Kimono Experience Japan via Klook  Review

Bucket List: Kimono Experience Japan via Klook  Review

Bucket List: Kimono Experience Japan via Klook  Review

Ruth dela Cruz Japan

Eating was a bit challenging because I felt tight in my stomach. I thought, if I would wear Kimono everyday, it would be a good diet plan.

We walked around Asakusa and saw more and more tourists in Kimono. Two of the places that you can explore are Sensoji Temple and Nakamise-dori Street. 

It is a nice experience to dress up and appreciate traditional Japanese clothing. I saw some of the foreigners and locals who smiled at me as we walked around the busy streets of Asakusa.

Ruth dela Cruz Japan

The Kimono Rental Shop has a photo booth.

Make sure that you get photo before changing into normal clothes.

Wearing a Kimono is one of the must-do when visiting Japan. I highly recommend this activity to friends especially girls.  The experience made me appreciate the traditional Japanese clothing and its intricate designs that reflect Japanese culture, discipline and their love for what they do. 

If you wish to book this activity, you can directly book Tokyo Kimono Experience.

Ruth dela Cruz Japan

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I hope you find this blog helpful and informative for your research and planning on your trip to Japan.

I cannot wait to share more about the Tokyo Travel!

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