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Bounty Fresh Officially Launches Chic Moms’ Club and Awards Designer Bags

May 22, 2011
Last Wednesday morning, March 18th, I went straight from the office to Manila Peninsula Hotel to attend the Bounty Fresh (pioneer in vacuum-sealed chicken) Chic Moms’ Club event. 
Going to Makati was such a struggle. When I got to Manila Peninsula and signed at the registration, I was amazed by the mood inside the Salon De Ning. The room was full of chic ladies (who happen to be moms!) clad on their most lovely minidresses (the color of the day was red), that I almost thought I was attending a party at 11PM if not for the blazing sunlight reflected in the hotel lobby telling me my thoughts are 12 hours ahead.
The event doubled  as an awarding ceremony for the top referrers of the Chic Moms Club site. It is a website/club for busy moms which includes tips on fashion, food, home management and events. The top 5 referrers won a Louis Vuitton and Gucci bags each. It was hosted by Issa Litton (I love her and love watching her show She-ka).
Issa (my super friend’s namesake) is so chic and witty!
I was just wearing a black dress and a cardigan trying to be petite with my flats. I would want to take off my cardigan to feel the party mood, but I wanted to blend with the theme (red for Bounty Fresh!), plus, I know the event was for the chic moms and I didn’t want to steal the limelight with my not-so-conservative neckline. 
Top and celebrity chefs were in the event to share tips from preparing your chicken, best chicken parts and ingredients that go well with chicken (we can’t go wrong with chicken and rosemary!).

β€œWe are very much impressed with how Bounty Fresh is packed.  Compared to other chickens around and the takal system in public markets, Bounty Fresh is vacuum-sealed and its freshness is packed and preserved. The chicken comes out plumpier and juicier, making our dishes tastier and more delicious. I consider this vacuum-packed chicken the Angus of Dressed Chicken.” Chef Sau Del Rosario explained.

I would want these guys in my kitchen!
Chef Sau talks about chicken with passion..
I know.. he’s cute! πŸ˜‰ Known as the Sexy Chef! and I heard he has 6-pack abs!
Just by the way he looks and stands, I know he’s an expert!
I should listen to their tips and tell my mom to try Bounty Fresh (yes, we have been an avid fan of this certain chicken brand). The chefs testified that Bounty Fresh is true to its name “fresh”. Actually, when I told my colleagues that I would be attending a Bounty Fresh’s event, they said “Chooks-to-go!” in chorus – making me believe that the brand already created a reputation and made a lot of followers. 
The highlight of the event was the presence of world-class artist and singer, Leah Salonga, Bounty Fresh ambassador and a chic mom herself. She is as pretty as the first time I saw her on TV with that sweet smile and dimple (I am starstruck!). 
She shared that she loves reading blogs and websites in between travels, and she regularly checks Chic Moms’ Club which has alot of useful information for moms.

 β€œI like reading. In between takes, during travels, I make do of the time surfing the net and reading interesting websites and one of those that I regularly visit is the Chic Moms club site. I feel it is constantly updated and it has interesting tidbits of information that is always relevant for moms like travel tips, home and health tips and such.”  Salonga said.

 “This event is a celebration of all moms. We understand how moms are generally busy and we know that a one-stop venue such as the website helps in their time management, while providing entertainment and information as well,” shares Ms. Kathlene Gomez, Assistant Brand Manager of Bounty Fresh.

We cannot just let Leah Salonga go without singing for us. It was my first time to hear her sing in person, and I was so impressed with that smooth, sweet and light voice, that singing for her seems so effortless. 
As a treat to all media practitioners and bloggers who attended the event, 5 ice box filled with Bounty Fresh items were raffled. A Samsung Galaxy tab was also given away to a lucky (very lucky, and always lucky!) winner – Jayson Biadog. 
A chic bag from Rags to Riches was also given to the chic-est lady that morning. It was so chic and well handcrafted, and spacious too – that you can even put in a whole chicken in it – just like what Issa wittingly said. 
I was hoping there was a whole chicken inside!
Lovely style! 
I actually love the idea of Rags to Riches, and I am glad that Bounty Fresh is not just committed to serving quality products but also partnering with groups (like Rags to Riches) for a cause. 
It was indeed a fun and chic event!

Top guns led by Bounty Agro Ventures Inc. President Ronald Mascarinas, Bounty Fresh Chicken’s Group Marketing Manager Dondi Alentajan
Tennyson Chen, president of Bounty Fresh Foods Inc. and the Philippines’ Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 awardee (left) graced the event.
It was one of the most well attended media events of the year as representatives from TV, radio & print came in full force.

Please like Bounty Fresh Facebook Fan Page and register at ChicMomsClub here (doesn’t matter if you are a mom, or not – as long as you are chic, you are in)
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