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Sweet Friends Dine at Sweet Bella!

June 30, 2011

When you are feeling down and want some comfort, you always long to be with your friends. So I was comforted with the company of two of my super-friends last Saturday, and a good food too! With my friend’s cravings for Eggs Benedict, we went to Burgos Circle and dined in at Sweet Bella.

We were supposed to attend the Fete De la Musique which was also happening in the area, but we thought that the crowd and music were too rock and roll-ish for us, so we decided to just have dinner and have “breakfast”.

I was expecting the place to be crowded since it was Saturday night, but maybe the weather reports commanded to people to just stay home.

What to order?

First is Eggs Benedict (Php340)

It is served in pair – bun/bread topped with ham, cheese, poached egg and hollandaise sauce. My friend was expecting a runny eggyolk (poached), but what was serve was well done. It is good, but nothing superb. We all agreed that Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s Egg Ben still ranks number one.

We also ordered and shared the Rustica Pizza (Php396)! It is a thin crust, brick oven-baked pizza topped with Italian sausage , Hungarian pepperoni, Frankfurter , mozzarella and parmessan! Sounds yummy?! It is! We all loved it, as it is chewy and crunchy at the same time. What makes it chewy is the generous cheese topping as if it was first melted and topped on the pizza, making it look like a sauce.

Pizza calls for Pasta, so we ordered the best-seller, Seafood Aglio (Php395). I am more of a red-sauce eater, but this one is also good. Reminds me of a Chinese Noodles, but there is still a distinct taste of Italian pasta. Look at the breadstick!

What good is a good meal without desserts?

We were having a hard time deciding what to order since all of the offerings look so delish.

We are ready to order the bestseller, (that cake with Hazelnut ), but I saw one standee which says Chocolate Fudge Cake with Cappuccino and Mascarpone Mousse topped with Caramel Glaze. Wow! I thought coffee and tiramisu are loove! So I ordered one slice of …. Adriana (Php95)!

We also ordered a slice of Strawberry Cheesecake (Php275)


The verdict:

We loove Adriana! It is like a ganache molded with thin chocolate cake at the bottom and cashew nuts in between. I just let it melts in my mouth and just enjoy the flavor of coffee, chocolate and caramel. It is soo divine!

The Strawberry Cake is also good, I like it because I looove Stawberries, but I am not really a fan of cheesecakes and I find it a little sweet.

Total Bill:

Php1,650 with service charge included (10%). So we didn’t bother leaving a tip. It is quite expensive, but you are paying for good food and safety.


Staff is really nice and they know their products. Two thumbs up!


Families, friends, lovers.

 Dress Code: 

Come as you are! They would understand if you come in your costume, but don’t come in your birthday suit!


Errr.. The fort has never been accessible to me, or to anyone I know. You have to have a car, or have to take a cab to get there.


Ample parking space infront, you just have to be early.

Payment Options:
We paid in cash, but I believe they also accept major credit cards – Visa and Mastercard.


It is quite pricey. I guess you are paying for the location too.


Common room for boys and girls (and gays and lesbians). It is okay, since it is well-maintaned.


The accessibility. I am craving for pizza now and Adriana! Wishing that prince charming would pick me up from the office and bring me to the place!

The Verdict?

It is a good place that you should try, even once in your life! Take out the piggy bank and indulge! They are also offering Macaroons at Php60 each!

Here’s a good treat, CashCashPinoy is now offering voucher for Sweet Bella at 50% discount. Php1,000 worth voucher is only at Php500. Click here to buy your voucher! I might buy one, or maybe two!

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