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Deadly Pains Showed Themselves in Eastwood Mall

July 2, 2011

It was a normal night in the Eastwood City fountain area last night. Families, friends, lovers and workers on break were strolling around the area and enjoying the lights, sound, and sights when four Monsters Mascots came in and stressed how muscle pains such as toothache, dysmenorrhea and body aches can affect one’s happy mood.

Alas! A cute mascot which resembles like the typical medicine you usually take and usually prescribed by doctors came in the scene and tried to fight with the Monster Mascots. But our hero just failed. It was found lying on the floor, helpless – with the crowd almost wanting to help.

What should we do now? I felt that agony when I am experiencing pain just like two days ago when my wisdom tooth ached like it was drilling my nerves, that I was ready to file a Sick Leave if not for an important task that I need to do at work.

With a loud boastful sound of a motor, came three heroes in black which fought with the Monster Mascots. I can imagine the *Kablam*s and *Kaboom*s just like what are printed in comics as the three heroes kicked, punched and battled with the Monsters. They succeeded! Their weapons have letters printed on it which spell A-D-V-I-L.

Wow, that’s an interesting way of promoting a product. I saw surprised reactions from the mallers, while the kids enjoy the scene, and some even wanted to go near the Monster Mascots but Security Guards were quick in blocking them (and so my camera’s view!).

I asked one mommy what she thinks of the flash mob, she said it was fun and cool, and a great way to promote the product. They were happy because they were in the area. I asked if the kids got scared of the mascots, she said NO but they did enjoy the show.

I got this sample and I was surprised that Advil now comes in Liqui-Gel. It is now in Liqui-Gel form so it would be absorbed by the body faster – so we can continue with our daily routines. It was said that Advil Lique-Gel is three times faster than the normal anti-inflammatory medicine. It is analgesic, antipyretic and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory.

What do you think of the campaign? Do you have any stories of body aches and pains – and testimonials? Comment away! Would want to read them!

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