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AstiGirl [Book] by Tweet Sering: Do You Want to Be an Astigirl Too?!

July 3, 2011

When I did an article for the company’s newsletter which topic is about the favorite things our employees do during the weekends, I was surprised that only one person actually shared – read a book. I have ten thousand things to do during weekends and it is true that it is the perfect time to catch up on things – like sleeping, watching movies, blogging and reading. I missed reading books!

I was browsing through my old blog entries and I was so happy to see some blogs about the books I read (what did I care about SEO then? I haven’t tagged all my previous posts properly). Mostly ChicLits. I have a long list of books that I want to read (see them here) – and I remember one time I was reading three different books in a month. 😉

I always grab this book by Tweet Sering entitled AstiGirl whenever I am feeling lazy or just when I am trying to sleep (which rarely happens because I always feel like crawling to bed). I first encountered the first Sering when I bought a copy of a Cosmo magazine with a free chic lit book. I just fell inlove with the story and I was so glad that our country has such an author who can write good novel /story as witty and as fab as my favorite book – Confessions of a Shopaholic. The author is Tara Sering. Then came Tweet Sering with her award-winning novel, Wander Girl.

The AstiGirl is not just a book but a collection of Tweet’s essays and blog posts that she has published on her blog During a session on the National Copyright Day held in UP Ayala Technohub, she confessed that she doesn’t really know much about blogging, and it was her niece who taught her how to design her blog and add pictures. But with the quality of posts that she publish on her blogs, I wouldn’t mind reading a text heavy site.

Each of the essay/blog entry is such an inspiration. It is refreshing to read a blog (should I say a book), which never cares about SEO, page ranking and Facebook likes but focuses on her true feelings, frustrations and fears relayed in a funny and witty way. With every turn of each page, it inspires me, yet it makes me think. At one point, I feel the need to finish the book in one reading. It is so engaging, but it scares me to reach the last page,  because I know I would ask for more pages.

I was so lucky to get the chance to meet Tweet (we have a common friend, a grade school friend). She is a simple girl with a sincere smile.

The AstiGirl is available in leading bookstores, but you may also order from Pandora’s BooksOnline. I got the hardbound cover at Php800 with this sweet note from Tweet!

The last time I know, Tweet doesn’t tweet. But please check her blog – it’s astig! (translation: strong, firm) Happy reading!

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