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I Drank (But Not Drunk) BenMore Scotch Whisky with Borgy Manotoc ;)

September 12, 2011

Who wants to have a date with Borgy Manotoc and share a bottle of BenMore Scotch Whisky!?

Ok, I got you there! There is no contest, whatsoever. But we were lucky to meet Borgy last week at the Wine Museum and get a taste of the fine whisky he is endorsing –  BenMore Four Casts blended Scotch Whisky.

Stag, but this is no stag party!

You may be wondering why only now does Borgy Manotoc decide to endorse an alcoholic drink? Being the fine, manly, smart and charmingly witty man that he is. He said that he had had offers before but he was not very comfortable endorsing something that he doesn’t believe in, until BenMore Four Casts blended Scotch Whisky. As the marketing head shared, Borgy best symbolizes the quality of BenMore.

Brand Ambassador Borgy Manotoc with the BenMore Team

BenMore Scotch Whisky is a product of DIAGEO, a known name in producing quality brands such as Johnnie Walker, J&B, and Jose Cuervo. As the name implies, it is matured in four different oak casts to achieve a depth and complexity to meet whisky drinkers’ standards. It gives the harmony between mellow tastes and scotch aroma, including malt and peat aroma with the hint of smokiness and most importantly, to give an even smoother Scotch whisky experience.

Photo taken by Jeffrey Limbauan

I am no regular drinker, but I am impressed – having tasted several kinds of whiskeys back in College. I did a random search and review of the BenMore Scotch Whisky, read this interesting review from the experts.

Even the bottle is created with so much attention to detail. It is not made of usual squared bottle, but rather, oblong which is easy to handle with that embossed tag which screams masculinity.

I prefer hard drinks over beer, so I am excited to try out the new BenMore Scotch Whisky. I tried it straight on the rocks. First, the smell is not over-powering, and it is smooth and sweet. I liked it! As Borgy suggested, we should try it with Iced Tea. BenMore Scotch Whisky is breaking the traditional cola-whisky/{insert any hard drink here} mix, and he’s right, it is good and you would find yourself licking your lips! He says it is his favorite.

Here are the five ways to enjoy your BenMore Scotch Whisky:

  • Straight or on the rocks
  • With water
  • With iced tea
  • With cola
  • With soda/ tonic
The drink sounds a little too intimidating but it is affordable at P 330.00 – 385.00 per 700ml bottle, and available in liquor stores nationwide.
Borgy was so game to answer questions that night, and when asked when was the last time he got too drunk and just passed out, he said some couple of years ago and he actually woke up next to his dinner. But again and again, he kept on reminding everyone to drink responsibility. We all did that night. Well, his presence was enough to make me feel tipsy, and make me fall in his arms. Just kidding!
He asked for a tough question. One question he couldn’t answer, “How Much Is Your Talent Fee?”
To know more about the BenMore Scotch Whisky, bookmark the site It is currently on the works, but would be up soon!
View more of events pictures here
Thanks to Global Noble International Corporation for the fun event and good food!

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