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My First Taste of Bon Chon Chicken and More

September 14, 2011

This blog entry might be in the last page of Google’s search result for Bon Chon Chicken. The world is raving about it and I am still stuck and finding joy in the usual chicken we can order in other quick service restaurants. I only got to try the Bon Chon Chicken last Saturday. I was lucky to be invited to the Bon Chon Blogger’s Lunch in Bon Chon in Ayala Triangle Park.

I came unfashionably late, and I cannot blame my fellow bloggers who attacked the chicken as soon as they were served (after the usual ritual of food photoshoot). Just an exaggeration, they were so kind to remember  my hungry soul and curious palate. So here are what were left of me for the photoshoot, but I got new servings of the food which went straight in my mouth and stomach.
Calamari at Php125

Ginger Tofu Salad at Php125

Bon Chon Chicken!

Fish Taco Php75 (really cheap!)

Bulgogi Rice at Php125
The chicken comes with soy-garlic glaze or  hot and spicy glaze. 
Small – Php185.00 (Wings 6 pcs, Drumsticks 3 pcs, Chops 4 pcs)
Medium – Php365.00 (Wings 12 pcs., Drumsticks 6 pcs, Chops 8 pcs, Combo 3 drumsticks & 6 Wings)
Large – Php720.00 (Wings 24 pcs, Drumsticks 12 pcs, Chops 16 pcs, Combo 6 drumsticks & 12 wings)
I honestly don’t know and didn’t get what is the fuss about the Bon Chon Chicken. Until last Saturday. Alright, so Bon Chon uses a special cooking method allowing the sauce to be absorbed without making it soggy. The method of frying renders the fat, making it healthier – even producing a crunchier, crispier chicken when you bite. 
The sauces are one-of-a-kind. Don’t even try to imitate, you would fail. These are mixed in Korea, made from premium spices – then shipped to the stores in Manila. 
I was able to talk to one of the marketing staff of Bon Chon, and I curiously asked why Bon Chon is such a hit in America. She said that Americans love to partner chicken with cold beer, the same with Koreans who love to eat it with cubes of pickled radish, and cold soda or beer. Listening to this makes me imagine the taste and experience – spicy/hot plus cold drink, salt and sugar, crunchy and bubbly – that’s an experience I should try. 
Filipinos who have adventurous palates probably love the whole Bon Chon recipe – but this time partnering it with – RICE! 
The verdict?
I like the soy-garlic glazed Bon Chon Chicken.  A little break from the traditional chicken that we have in Manila. The hot and spicy chicken is too strong for me (eventhough I love spicy food). This is the first time I said no to spicy chicken that I felt that I got a little cut in my tongue. Probably it should really be partnered with cold beer.
The Fish Taco is good too! Eventhough I cannot experience taking a bite (but rather slicing it in my plate – thanks to my brackets), I love the crunch and sauce experience. The fish is Cream Dory by the way. 
The Ginger Tofu Salad is a serving of healthy dish. I am sure my mom would love it. It is very Asian, I think and a good break from the usual salads that we see in other restaurant menus.
I haven’t tried the Bulgogi Rice because I was soo full that afternoon. 
It is nice to finally taste the chicken coined as the Best Chicken in America. 
Thank you to Bon Chon Chicken and PR Asia for the invite. 
Scott Tan and the Bon Chon Team in Ayala Triangle Park (with Mr. Mix of Everything – the one in glasses)
I’ll see you again with my friends, and my barrel of cold beer.
Please like the Bon Chon Facebook Fan Page and see more of events pictures here
BonChon is best consumed when you order. For takeout or pick-up: just open the box to keep it crisp; reheat in the oven or toaster. For delivery, call 2121212 or visit their branches at Ayala Triangle Gardens (6216188) 10am-10pm daily; Greenbelt 1 (6598080) 10am-10pm daily; until 11pm Fridays and Saturdays; SM Megamall: Building A, Upper Ground Floor (4511818)  10am – 9pm daily; until 10pm Fridays and Saturdays; Libis: across Eastwood (6551818) 10am – 10pm daily; Robinson’s Galleria (end July);Greenhills Promenade (end July) and more branches coming up soon so don’t miss it!

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